Issue 55

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Editor-in-Chief: Daniel Lefferts
Print Managing Editor: Nicola Sebastian
Online Managing Editor: Andrew Miller
Business Manager: Jen Wellington
Art Editor: Maud Doyle
Fiction Editor: María Alejandra Peñuela
Nonfiction Editor: Heather Radke
Poetry Editor: Christopher Janigian
Translation Editor: Rebecca Sonkin
Online Art Editor: Beca Alderete Baca
Online Fiction Editor: Sihan Tan
Online Nonfiction Editor: Trenton Pollard
Online Poetry Editor: Halley Furlong Mitchell
Copyeditors: Mark Podesta, Natalie Zhao
Fiction Board: Miles Coleman, Lisa Foad, Theresa Hottel, Katherine Augusta Mayfield, Andrew McConnell, Elizabeth Steiner
Nonfiction Board: Claudina Bonetti, Maud Doyle, Moeko Fujii, Ge Gao, Emma Gase, Natalie Zhao
Poetry Board: Beca Alderete Baca, Alex Michael Bernstein, Evan Reid Coles, Trenton Pollard, Scott Preston Turner
Development Manager: Jarret Leong
Events Manager: Matthew Gellman
Public Relations and Marketing: Lily Blacksell, Mathews Wade Huey
Social Media Manager: Jessica Henriquez
Prison Writing Program Outreach: Heather Radke, Daniel Lefferts, Lily Blacksell, Jarret Leong, Matthew Gellman, Christopher Janigian, Nicola Sebastian, Elizabeth Steiner
Book Design: Kara Bermejo and Tomas de Carcer
Cover art by Annie Kevans, Britney Spears Mouseketeer (2006). Oil on paper. 19.69 x 15.75 inches.



Nicholas Anderson / Four Dialogues
Michael Earl Craig / Three Poems
Gla / Searching for a Set of Bells
Alec Hershman / Occam’s Razor
Brenda Hillman / Chicago Black Friday / Protest Near Apple
Jay Hopler / To My Wife on Our Anniversary
Hanae Jonas / Then the Night in Me Woke Up
Michael Keenan / Three Poems
Aram Saroyan / Two Poems
Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer / From the Cabinet of Unconsciousness (Natalie & the Waves, No Man’s Land)
Justin Wymer / Two Poems


Guillermo Erades / Agonda
Lou Gaglia / Bygones Are Bygones<
T Kira Madden / Three Incidents of Rain
Ottessa Moshfegh / This Should Explain It
Ross Wilcox / The Year of Our Lawn

Briallen Hopper / On This Day
Audrey Petty / Belonged
Wei Tchou / Those Winter Sundays


Javier Calvo, translated by Mara Faye Lethem / The Hanging Garden (excerpt)
Kim Hyesoon, translated by Don Mee Choi / Four Poems
Eka Kurniawan, translated by Annie Tucker / Two Stories
Pablo Neruda, translated by Michael Straus / The Wind in Asia
Colombe Schneck, translated by Madeleine Velguth / Reparation (excerpt)

Winter Contest

Fiction: Molia Dumbleton / Extra Quiet 
Nonfiction: Joseph Rodney Dole, II / Yard Time with the Animals
Nonfiction: Chiseche Salome Mibenge / The Protected Party
Poetry: Bron Bateman / The Lemon Picker


Julie Cockburn / Kaleidoscope and Venn Diagram
Gauri Gill and Rajesh Vangad / Fields of Sight
Annie Kevans / Boys and Girls
Fazal Sheikh / Memory Trace

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