Catherine Palace

Translation by Max Thompson: Alexander Blok, Innokenty Annensky

Author’s note: All poems are representative of Russian symbolism and were written in the early twentieth century, Russia’s so-called Silver Age of poetry, which was short-lived due to the advent of communism. Innokenty Annensky and Alexander Blok often hailed as the greatest Russian poets of their century, were all important figures during this period and are read… Read more »

Helen Tran-photo03

Translations by Maximiliane Donicht: Georg Trakl

Radical Translation of Georg Trakl’s “An den Knaben Elis” by Maximiliane Donicht   To the Boy Elis   Blackbird, your forest is falling into her cool lips, drinker of stone.   Blank spaces, empty, are bleeding into your flight.   But blue steps softly at night, whose full rotation depends on purple grapes and their… Read more »

Killing Time FI

Film – Killing Time by Ava Torres and Helmann Wilhelm

Evelyn is a disgruntled actress who – years after graduating from university – is still in debt and still searching for work. Never given the chance to experience life to the fullest, Evelyn decides to check into a five-star hotel to commit suicide, but not before maxing out her credit cards.

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    Nonfiction – This Landscape by Daniel Lassell

    As my wife and I walk the beach on the northern side of Chicago, we watch the children as they make snow angels in the sand. Sand Angels. And they are the only ones, or so it seems, brave enough to submerge themselves in the cold waters of Lake Michigan. We see a woman sitting on the banks with three… Read more »

  • Pixabay

    Poetry – Sherrill D. Wilson, PhD: Holding the Vision, Artifacts…, Celebrating New York Freedom

    Sherrill D Wilson, PhD Urban Anthropologist Full biography below Holding the Vision I pray you are well… I pray you are calm with a steady hand… I pray you know that you are Protected and in the hands of the Almighty In spite of the travails You lay down and rise with Rezo para que… Read more »

  • Simon - Cheryl Julia Lee

    Fiction — Simon by Cheryl Julia Lee

    Simon knows this is anger inside of him but it doesn’t feel the way he remembers it. It isn’t all hot and bubbling and spilling over. Instead, it is quite still within. Like numbness, only not in the way it sometimes means ‘nothing.’ He is holding the lamp like a golf club. The way you… Read more »

  • Azahares que Estallan

    Nonfiction – For Rent by Allen M. Price

      I I became a rent boy by accident. I posted a hook up ad on craigslist in the men seeking men section. A man responded, and offered me $250.00 if he could watch me jerk off. The money seemed too easy. So later that day, I decided to post an ad in the same… Read more »

  • dhw1

    The Golden Playwright – a conversation with David Henry Hwang

    The Golden Playwright – a conversation with David Henry Hwang by Carla Stockton   David Henry Hwang (Columbia Univerity School of the Arts Website) I am on the phone with David Henry Hwang, the Concentration Head of the Playwriting program in the Drama Division of Columbia University’s School of the Arts, and I’ll admit it:… Read more »

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    Nonfiction – Ơi by Jade Hidle

      Ơi. It is the stitch between words. What beckons you home.   Ơi. It is always a female voice. That maternal echo. Lips do not have to move, only part to release a sound of longing from deep within. It cannot be translated, only traced.   Ơi. It is the sound that remembers who… Read more »

  • Turquoise and Gold

    Art – Painting With Paper by Laura J. Stein

    The collage feels finished when I have created a true pattern with the proper balance of light.

  • Purgatorio

    Poetry by Robert Levy: Wanting to Scream; Respect; The Weeping Woman

    Poetry by Robert Levy Published July 28th, 2016 Wanting to Scream Say you are hung over, noxious, fragile, and your truculent, recalcitrant eye finds itself magnetized to the minor, inconsequential detritus of morning: tarry remains of yesterday’s coffee still clumped at the bottom of the French press, insolent sludge; adhesive egg-yolk glue cementing the sink’s… Read more »

  • Art by Nicholas Perry

    ART – Four Paintings by Nicholas Perry

    In what may seem as random moments my individuals are placed in, I use it as a strategy to engage my viewer in a place of critical thinking containing paint, human beings, and situations.

  • Lady Godiva

    ART – Five Drawings by Allen Forrest

    Painting is a cross between a crap shoot, finding your way out of the woods, and performing a magic act.

  • death valley edit

    POETRY – Five Poems by Dylan Macdonald

    She Can’t Stand Much Longer on the City 6 Bus   I wish she would unzip her high-heeled shoes, and step each arched foot onto the black rubber floor. The honeysuckle scent of summer weighs upon her wrist, bending it backward: the breeze lifts, gently, the growing golden grain–forever taller than the grass could hope… Read more »

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    Word Hole #19

    My Target Diary: Continued by Caitlin Brady A note to the reader: For me, not all but most roads lead to Target. I live close to one, so that helps, but I’m also drawn there to search for something more powerful— a spiritual truth only accessible in a mass retail store. Every time I go… Read more »