NONFICTION – Up the Mountain to Leadville by Jenny Forrester

When we got to the casket in that dark, ghost-filled room at 10,000 feet in elevation. The pioneer ghosts sat on their haunches around me, too exhausted to look up from under their bonnets, dead babies in their arms. I heard the swishing of ghost pebbles in hopeful pans – Leadville, the home of gold hunters. The mountains made of stone and money.

Nai Br.XX

MUSIC – Wasted Callaway by Nai Br.XX

Her voice is river-like, moving and deep.


FICTION – Panegyre by Louise Phillips

 They meet every summer. This year there is a rodeo on the opening night, where they are given ostrich skin cowboy boots with their initials stitched in gold. Canada wears a wide-brimmed Stetson and trades blue jokes with the United States. They both rib Japan, whose predecessor was tossed out over a sex scandal. Britain… Read more »


TRANSLATION – Fishhooks by Renée Vivien, translated by Cara Dees

Fishhooks One day, a Scotsman, a childhood friend, showed me his collection of fishhooks. “Look,” he said. “This is a real museum. These fishhooks you see are works of art. To lure salmon that feed on iridescent swarms of flies, we devise delicate fishhooks in gold, green, blue, and violet. Some are made of pheasant feathers (and you… Read more »

Homo Bulla by Mark Blickley and Amy Bassin

ART – Dream Streams by Mark Blickley and Amy Bassin

(We) were enthralled by the Dadaist experiments that combined fine art photography with poetic texts.

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Columbia Journal Writing Contest

Now accepting original work in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. One winner from each genre will receive a $500 cash prize and publication in Issue 54, due out this spring. All entires will be considered for online publication.

  • Inter-dimnesional Classified Ad

    ART – Three Graphic Poems by Sultana Raza

    Will we be envious of our human state in future, as we look back at our ‘fleshy’ era?

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    4 Poems – Josh Kalscheur

    BLANK PICTURE   So I’m told to venture out to the rough end of the city each industry partly dead I put two and two together god I was out of my element each way possible this weirdo my pack and lanyard pressed slacks I said to myself take today as a chance to widen… Read more »

  • New Get Real (use this one)

    Get Real: Once Upon a Time in Central Park

    by Carla Stockton
    “We like to present classic stories performed in a classic manner. That’s what we believe puppetry is about, and it’s what our audiences want from us,” explains Cannon. “Puppetry is the perfect marriage of all the performing arts, and we have an opportunity to show them all off in the very best light. But sometimes we like to change things up just a bit.”

  • Word Hole 3

    Word Hole #3

    INFINITY FACEBOOK: The Profile Pic Sympathy Enhancer
    by Michelle Hogmire

    “But fret not, my Faithful Facebookers, my lap-topped, tableted, smart-phoned, socially conscious sympathizers-from-afar. Here at Facebook, we feel your pain; we want all your “friends” to know about your UNICEF donations, just as much as you do. Perhaps even more.”


    POETRY – 4 Poems by Paul Jolly

    Rotgut Piano Sign on warehouse: Piano liquidation. Like the pet shelter, the piano warehouse has a kill date for each puppy. If someone doesn’t take it home, into the vat it goes, grand or upright. Next door a neon-lit piano bar. Mack at the piano bar keeps a keg in the backroom. It’s bootleg, of course,… Read more »

  • tumblr_nbrtidPqBO1qfirfao1_1280

    POETRY – 4 Poems by Janelle Rainer

    Tiger Highway There’s a dead crow next to mile marker 377. Looks like a shard of tire from afar, then takes shape for what it is. The crow is on its back in the middle of the road, feathers blue-black like the surface of a deep lake. The beak points skywards, open. Do we ever… Read more »

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    NONFICTION – Pinhole by Jinny Koh

    It was the time of the night when the whole world was so silent that even the cats that scour the streets were asleep. My mother stood against the wall, hidden in the dark. The lights from the street lamps cast a shadow on her, feathering the edges of her silhouette so that for a moment, she was once again soft and beautiful.

  • yEWFnFQRqfmY9l9efJ6g_Snap01-web

    MUSIC – Danzon(sito) by Charles Martin

    This piece brings recalls preconceptions of “modern” tonality and “Latin” rhythms and forces them together in order to create a quirky, sort of wacky deconstructive feeling.

  • tumblr_mrnp8euXEX1sfie3io1_1280

    POETRY – 3 Poems by Nick Vagnoni

    The tomatoes on the balcony have blown down
    and everything sags with rain.

  • Get Real

    Get Real: Sounding It Out on Broadway

    by Carla Stockton
    “I am at the Richard Rogers Theater, watching the tech systems being loaded in for Hamilton’s opening on Broadway. The biggest show to come to Broadway, the most highly touted, the most expectantly awaited, and the Sound Supervisor is little Nicky Borisjuk, all grown up.”

  • Word Hole 3

    Word Hole #2

    Writing Workshop Critiques of The Old Testament
    by Michelle Hogmire

    – You know what would really help all those chapters about laws? Show don’t tell.

    – None of these characters truly change by the end. Unless you consider getting slaughtered in a senseless battle change.

    – Do we really need the genealogy of every single character? More importantly, do we need it twice?

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    Columbia Journal’s Website Release (a party) – A Success!

    A huge thank you from the staff here at the Columbia Journal for a rocking Website Release party last Friday!