NONFICTION – Sorry Babe. Be Well. by Lacy Warner

I was bleeding after sex. In order to understand this problem, I had to get a lonely sonogram of my pelvis on a cold Wednesday afternoon. At the same time I became obsessed with a man—MF—who only ever had a passing interest in me. I could tell you these stories as though they were separate… Read more »


FICTION – Two Pieces by Svetlana Kitto

The Door “How long has it been since she left do you think?” She doesn’t answer me. Pip, which is short for Penelope, is only four and doesn’t know anything about hours and minutes anyway. So I sit with my legs out against the front door where I will be able to hear Mom in… Read more »


TRANSLATION – Moon Song by Raoul Ponchon translated by Mark Lager

Moon Song Dead moon white iron moon Moon which freezes new herring Moon eye of a whiting fried and frizzled Empty moon white blade moon Glass moon new herring Moon eye of a whiting deep fried Worn out moon tinpot moon Moon a round of drinks new cop Moon eye of a criminal we’ve had… Read more »


POETRY – 2 Poems by Carol Matos

In the Asteroid Belt   Between spread fingers we are bits of flesh, no more.   Like a rock left over from the beginning,   you never come close to earth. Not to mess   with switchblades, I shake loose my sweat,   fix a frequency, a steady hum with no collisions.   Grooming myself… Read more »

Windy Shore

ART – Northern Landscapes by Robert Tokley

Art is like life, you only get from it, what you put into it.

  • Lady Godiva

    ART – Five Drawings by Allen Forrest

    Painting is a cross between a crap shoot, finding your way out of the woods, and performing a magic act.

  • death valley edit

    POETRY – Five Poems by Dylan Macdonald

    She Can’t Stand Much Longer on the City 6 Bus   I wish she would unzip her high-heeled shoes, and step each arched foot onto the black rubber floor. The honeysuckle scent of summer weighs upon her wrist, bending it backward: the breeze lifts, gently, the growing golden grain–forever taller than the grass could hope… Read more »

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    Word Hole #19

    My Target Diary: Continued by Caitlin Brady A note to the reader: For me, not all but most roads lead to Target. I live close to one, so that helps, but I’m also drawn there to search for something more powerful— a spiritual truth only accessible in a mass retail store. Every time I go… Read more »

  • Get Real

    Get Real: Dodge Hall Revelations

    By Carla Stockton
    “I had begun to fear dissension and discussion, seeing them as censorship or worse because that is how they are viewed in the world I inhabited. Here, among my fellow artists, I am reconstituted, reinvigorated by a desire for engagement with ideas, with controversy, with blasphemy. “

  • Get Real

    Get Real: An American Not so Joyfully in Paris

    By Carla Stockton
    “Knowing what can be done on stage, what decidedly did not happen on this stage certainly augmented the disappointment in this highly touted, flat piece of work, but I know that the Hamilton bar is way too high to measure anything else by comparison. But this An American in Paris just failed in every way to grab me. It had no emotional import, no bells and whistles, no extraordinary anything to captivate and hold me.”

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    NONFICTION – Weathering July by Sarah Jackman

    I was looking forward to the surgery. I had already had two surgeries that year, my twenty-first. The first removed my right kidney and gallbladder. The second removed my left kidney. Those kidneys were dead anyway, completely useless by the end of January 2003. My medical team hoped removing them would improve my health, and… Read more »

  • Get Real

    Get Real: My Fellow Democrats…

    By Carla Stockton
    “We disagree. About a lot of things. We are of varying gender identifications, sexual preferences, professional aspirations, spiritual convictions, and even clothing obsessions. But we all belong. So why would we not avidly proclaim, vive la différence when it comes to choosing our heroes? When did we stop proudly hailing our individual rights to choose? How did we become so insecure that we need to cut one another off because we don’t agree which of the two candidates “deserves” the nomination most?”

  • Word Hole 3

    Word Hole #18

    by Michelle Hogmire

    “Anyway, I’ve decided to write this brief because I have solid proof that polygamous marriages can work—successfully and happily, without any negative social side effects. For, you see, I’ve been in a polygamous marriage for years now. Yes, that’s right, it’s time that I finally admitted it: I’m married, not to multiple others who exist outside of me, but to myself. I’m married to all the characters in my own head—every person that I’ve ever played in a film.”

  • Word Hole 3

    Word Hole #17

    by Michelle Hogmire

    “Hastert is placed inside THE CAGE, where he’s subjected to the cruelest torture, i.e. having to watch the Nick Cage films Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance on repeat.”

  • swan

    FICTION – The Salesman by Sara Brody

    after Zachary Schomberg’s “The Animal Spell”   He told me that what I needed most in the world was a monkey, so I bought two. I know you’ve heard this story but I think today you need it again, or I need to tell it. I was twenty-two; he was eighteen but I wouldn’t have… Read more »

  • Word Hole 3

    Word Hole #16

    by Michelle Hogmire

    “Dear Sinopaca Drug Cartel,
    I’m writing in response to your grant writer job posting, which I saw today on jobs.com. As a recent MFA in Fiction candidate—now graduated—I believe I’m an ideal applicant for this position.”

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    POETRY – 5 Poems by Claudia F. Savage

    Long Island Railroad from Jamaica, Main Line, 1985   Tonight moths may be lost. In the graffiti’s shadows loud boys cover my twelve-year-old mouth with their urgent desperation. Even in the corners. Even. The train shakes our eyelids open. Window. Car. Car. Window. Jeans with the knees razored out. Sneaker tongues slouch toward the rumble…. Read more »