Incarcerated Writers Initiative

The Incarcerated Writers Initiative was started in 2016 by Heather Radke at the Columbia Journal as a way to open the student publishing platform to writers in prisons across the United States. This population has been traditionally overlooked, undervalued, and pushed to the margins. We believe the inclusion of their literary voices will enlarge and ultimately strengthen the artistic and scholarly community.

The submission period will reopen in spring 2021. We are in the process of responding to submissions from 2019-2020. All submissions will be considered for publication in the 2021 Columbia Journal and Exchange.

For more information, email Coordinator Darby Smith ( with any questions you may have or send a letter to the address below. All submissions will receive a response.

Darby Smith – Coordinator, Incarcerated Writers Initiative
Columbia Artists/Teachers
415 Dodge Hall
Mail Code 1804
2960 Broadway
New York, NY 10027
We look forward to reading your work!