3 Poems by John Bennett

November 25, 2013

… Ask the creamer / about our ancestor’s first gathering, a time when / things were far from dishwasher safe.

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Matching Sheets by Kristen Gentry

November 22, 2013

Mama said she’s tired, but I know she’s not.

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Stop It: by Kimi Traube

November 18, 2013

Even when love goes rancid, it’s hard as hell to throw it out.

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  • Exposure #39: N.Y.C., 545 8th Avenue, 03.23.06, 1:17 p.m. by Barbara Probst
  • Mask LXXVIII 2007 by John Stezaker
  • Nouns by Sarah Charlesworth
  • Indian Palm Study II by Cyprien Gaillard

Current Issue: # 50

Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art

is an annual publication that features the very best in poetry,

fiction, nonfiction, and art. We were founded in 1977

and continue to be one of the few national literary journals

entirely edited, designed, and produced by students.

Our 50th anniversary issue features:


Danielle Evans, Travel Tips for Young Women;

Lydia Conklin, For A Future Person, Horse Time, The Great Bonfire;

Benjamin Buchholz, Third Tourniquet;

Joselyn Whitney Takacs, A Form of Waiting


Antonia Blair, Feral Children;

Scott Anderson, The Hotel;

Honor Moore, Rowboat;

Oliver Bullough, Foreign Woman;

Julia Grønnevet, The Interstitial Space;

Alison Barker, Stepping-stones: Mamaw;

Lucas Mann, Fat Man: A Day in Calories


Robert Ostrom, A Boy Cupping a Cricket Turns to Us and Says;

L. S. Klatt, Intrepid Pilot;

John Koethe, 1135, Arthur, The Specious Present;

Andrew Osborn, The Etymology of Anguish, On Beyondness;

Melissa Range, Negative Theology, Ashburnham;

John A Nieves, Elegy on an Epigraph;

Morri Creech, Heirloom: Nazi S.S. Cigarette Lighter, The Stone Well at Mt. Pisgah Church;

Kirstin Hotelling Zona, Return, Fog;

Peter Campion, Danielle, Villa Sciarra: Azaleas;

Kimberly Grey, Invention;

Gale Marie Thompson, Sigourney Weaver


Emily Firetog, Interview with Roddy Doyle;

Megan Foley, Interview with Stephen Elliot


Barbara Probst, Exposure #39: N.Y.C., 545 8th Avenue, 03.23.06, 1:17 p.m.;

John Stezaker, Mask LXXVIII 2007;

Sarah Charlesworth, Verbs, Nouns;

Renée Green, Exhibition invite;

Jenny Holzer, Left Hand (Palm Rolled);

Cyprien Gaillard, Indian Palm Study II, Indian Palm Study II (detail);

Adam McEwen, Untitled (Bret)ars;

Claire Jamieson, Eternally Yours

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