About the Journal

Columbia Journal was founded in 1977 by students in the Columbia University School of the Arts Graduate Writing program. Since then, our student production and editorial staff has been publishing the very best in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. We have featured work from Nobel laureates and unknowns, National Book-award winners and newcomers. Our past issues have included everyone from Raymond Carver to Lorrie Moore to Louise Glück to Philip Gourevitch to Noam Chomsky and Etgar Keret. Recent issues have featured Lydia Davis, Michael Ondaatje, interviews with Mary Jo Bang, and John Waters, just to name a few.

Today, Columbia Journal publishes both in print and online, and represents the meeting of these two wings. The annual print edition, published in Spring, is a combination of solicited work and the very best of the submissions we’ve received, including the winners of our annual contest, all furnished in a beautifully crafted edition. Online, you’ll find work that is in flux, pieces on the cusp of change, that are changing, that aim to change us. We showcase poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translations, art, film, and music — work that is broadening the horizons of art, straining against the limits, and ultimately unveiling human experience in new and profound ways.