Writing a Living #2

Writing a Living: with Hal Sundt

Hal Sundt discusses photography, technique, and ways of seeing the world with three Catch & Release photographers: Erika Luckert, Jerriod Avant, and Kenny Ong. Recorded at our October Gala.


Erika Luckert

“I don’t like to think of one place as any more picturesque than another. In fact, when I’m not traveling around Europe, one of my favorite things to do is just take a walk around my neighborhood with my camera. I like to think of it as taking my camera for a walk.”

E. Luckert10
By Erika Luckert


See Erika’s photography feature here.


Jerriod Avant

“The process that happens in photography informs my own process in poetry. . . Most of the time, writers in any creative genre, we spend most of our time trying to create an image, trying to make the reader see what it is we’re saying.”

Photo courtesy of Jerriod Avant
By Jerriod Avant


See Jerriod’s photography feature here.


Kenny Ong

“I definitely believe in the idea that you have inspirations that you pull from without realizing it sometimes.”

Photo by Kenny Ong
Photo by Kenny Ong


Hal Sundt is pursuing his MFA in Nonfiction at Columbia University where he is also an instructor in the Undergraduate Writing Program and a consultant in the Writing Center. His work has appeared in The Rumpus, Wilder Voice and Uinterview.com.

Featured Image by Chuck Kuan

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