Womxn’s History Month Special Issue: Winners & Honorable Mentions Announced

Columbia Journal is excited to announce the winners and finalists of our inaugural Womxn’s History Month Special Issue, in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art. We want to thank everyone who submitted for creating art and sharing their work with us, and express our congratulations to the winners and finalists. You can click on the title of each piece to read it in full. All winners and runner-ups will be published on Wednesday, March 24th, or shortly thereafter.


Winner: “Plumtree” by Yvette Lisa Ndlovu

Honorable Mention: “The Genie Asks for Too Much” by Lucy Zhang

Honorable Mention: “Come Disastrous Water/Rise O Deadly Sea” by Gwen Goodkin


Winner: “HYBRID” by J Brooke

Honorable Mention: “Not Napping” by Pat Hulsebosch

Honorable Mention: “The Flight of the Heavenly Bodies” by Yulia Aleynikova


Winner: Poems by Winniebell Xinyu Zong

Honorable Mention: “The Washing Society” by Susanna Lang


“Self Portraits” by Lucy Xiaochuan Liu

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