The Wine of The Soul by Hongri Yuan, translated from the Chinese by Yuanbing Zhang

The Wine of The Soul

I woke up in a dream three million years ago
I am a giant living in a prehistoric Palace
The black of today is the white of yesterday and the red of tomorrow
My future is a huge platinum city

The heaven of east and west gods
there are my many outer space gardens
The rolls of the gobbledygook is my favourite
is my wine of the soul in the word




Hongri Yuan, born in China in 1962, is a poet and philosopher interested particularly in creation. Representative works include Platinum City, Gold City, Golden Paradise, Gold Sun and Golden Giant.

Yuanbing Zhang, born in China in 1974, is a poet and translator. He teaches Chinese in a middle school and he is mainly devoted to the study and translation of the works of Mr. Hongri in his spare time. His translations have been widely published in the English-speaking world.


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