Special Issue on Loneliness: Announcing the Winners

Columbia Journal is excited to announce the winners for our Special Issue on Loneliness. In selecting finalists, our dedicated Reading Board worked closely with Shir Kehila, online nonfiction editor; Sylvia Gindick, online poetry editor; Victoria Rucinski, online fiction editor, and Eiliza Callahan, art editor.

We are grateful to the more than 400 writers and artists who shared their work with us. You made our reading experience a delight.

The winning stories explored and challenged the definition of loneliness in ways that were both refreshing and captivating.

We will publish work by all the finalists starting August 1st.

Congratulations to the winners, runners up and honorable mentions!


Winner: “Feeding the Birds” by Margaret Hetherman

1st Runner Up: “Social Distancing” by Stanley Siegel

2nd Runner Up: “Paintings of Loneliness” by Enid Becker

Honorable Mentions

  • “Empty Beautified” by Zanib Naeem
  • “Lapse” by Anna Foran
  • “No One to Call a Friend” by Jim Ross
  • “The Wind Will Not Carry You” by Jordan Evans
  • “Photos of Loneliness” by Lawrence Bridges


Winner: “Another Lydia Davis Story” by Tim Tomlinson

1st Runner Up: “Jimmies” by Brendan Sheehan

2nd Runner Up: “Orbyset” by Derek Andersen

Honorable Mention

  • “Tiny Objects” by C.T. Alderman


Winner: “Keep What You Have” by Leyla Colpan

1st Runner Up: “Milky Ways” by Yasmin Boakye

2nd Runner Up: “A Month of Two Suns” by Jessica Kinnison

Honorable Mentions

  • “Inferma” by Erin Lillo
  • “Of All the Things I Cannot Do” by Brenda Miller
  • “Snip” by Eileen Vorbach Collins


Winner: “Anti-Positivism” by Evana Bodiker

1st Runner Up: “A Pack of Cigarettes Imagines the Afterlife” by Brandon Thomas DiSabatino

2nd Runner Up: “Elegy with Lost Pity” by Charlotte Hughes

Honorable Mentions

  • “Monstrosity” by Nathan Spoon
  • “Rumination #9” by Kari Ann Ebert

The winner in each of our four categories will receive $50.

We are excited to share details about our next Special Issue, UPRISING, on July 20th.

Jinwoo Chong

Online Editor, Columbia Journal #Issue 59

Image by harutmovsisyan from Pixabay 

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