Rolling Junkyard Series

Aluminum Siding
Plastic Bags and Paper
Plastic Containers

Artist’s note:

The images in the Rolling Junkyard Series are composed by manually layering 35mm color slide film of materials found at recycling collection facilities in the South Korean countryside. Using this method, the overexposed areas of the film are then brought into proper density, and the underexposed areas create super-dense areas of color. Thus, the majority of the frames used in the project would be otherwise considered “mistakes” prior to layering.

The Rolling Junkyard Series is an ongoing project, with each volume focusing on different techniques and color harmonies. These images were composed during a dry spell of my fiction writing, though many of the walks and explorations during this period provided material for my 2016 novel The Soju Club, which was published exclusively in Korea as a Korean translation.

About the author

Tim Fitts serves on the editorial staff of the Painted Bride Quarterly, and is a member of the Liberal Arts Department at the Curtis Institute of Music. His fiction and photography have been published by journals such as The Gettysburg Review, Granta (online), Day One, the New England Review, Shenandoah, among others. His collection of short stories, Hypothermia, was published in 2017 by MadHat Press. Fitts' photography is shown at the Thomas Deans Gallery, in Atlanta, Georgia, and his works have been shown in group and solo exhibitions in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Seoul.

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