Issue 9


Editors: Amirh Bahati & Daniel Stashower
Fiction Editors: Daniel Lawrence & Phil Jenkins
Poetry Editor: Eliot Schain
Managing Editors: Christine Gilmore & Donald Nitchie
Publicity Manager: Michele Herman

Mitch Berman, Sophie Black, Judith Bolton, Andrew Campbell, Jane Cartwright, Maria Collis, Peter Farrelly, Jack Edward Flynn, Paul Graves, Deborah Gray, Wendy Hirsch, Samuel Kashner, Robert Katel, Maria Leevy, James Lynch, Sondra Mermelstein, Catherine Metzger, Ivy Morrison, Zenon Raabe, Victoria Redel, Stovall Rihardson, Tom Spanbauer, Hal Strickland


Nadine Gordimer/ Crimes of Conscience
M.G. Casey/ The Sign of the Dog
Bev Jafek/ You’ve Come a Long Way, Mickey Mouse
Tony Grocamo/ The Ambush
Gordon Lish/ The Traitor
John Griesemer/ Vic Dixon
Bruce J. Friedman/ Business is Business

James Frazee/ Bridge
Mark Hillringhouse/ The Albino Lifegaurd
Nancy Takacs/ Windows
James McCorkle/ The Fish Kill
James Reidel/ The Greenhouse Effect
Ted Kooser/ A Photograph of Edgar Poe
Elisa New/ 5th Sonnet After an Abortion
Katherine Kane/ It’s No Costume Ball
D. Nurkse/ The Settlement
Adelheid Fischer/ Winter Solstice on Lake Superior
Colette Inez/ Shaking the Man Awake
Stephen Dunn/ Desire
Helen Bartlett/ Hiding in the Bathroom
Jan C. Minich/ An Opening Out
Jane Staw/ Elegy to Rural Routes and Bud McMahon
Philip Levine/ Dutch Light
Kenneth Zamora Damacion/ Trio
Lisa Ress/ Traveling Through Pictures of China
Greg Leichner/ The Note
Jack Nestor/ Response to Card Postmarked San Diego


Phil Jenkins/ Interview with Roy Blount Jr.
Mario Soldati/ Aspects of Art
Hal Strickland/ Interview with Thelma Toole

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