Issue 8


Editor:  Kirsten Dehner
Fiction Editor: Trudy Dittmar
Poetry Editor: John Harney
Managing Editors: James Incorvaia & Dwight King

Mark Alpert, Amirh Bahati, Peter Brown, John Deyab, Kathryn Davis, Lynn Dougherty, Christine Gilmore, Michele Herman, Philip Jenkins, Izumi Kajimoto, Daniel Lawrence, Mark Lang, Michael Lohnes, Maria Leevy, Alexandra Longstreet, Donald Nitchie, James Reidel, Eva Salzman, Eliot Schain, Anne Staab, Daniel Stashower, Rachel Weintraub


Czeslaw Milosz (Trans. By author and Robert Hass) / A Poetic State


Arlene Plevin/ Letters
Deborah Gupta/ Daljit Singh’s Place
Melvin Jules Bukiet/ The Virtuoso
Robert Lemperly/ Walking Through Denver

The Lost Fiction of Weldon Kees
James Reidel and Timothy Nolan/ Introduction
Weldon Kees/ Do you Like the Mountains & Escape in Autumn & A Walk Home & This is Home & The Purcells & The Brothers & Every Year They Came Out & Farewell to Frognall


Jack Gilbert/ Eight Poems
Linda Gregg/ Five Poems
Gerald Stern/ Two Poems
Robert Creeley/ Four for John
James Merrill/ Spell
Stephen Dunn/ Traveling to Nova Scotia
Alfred Corn/ Looking Back
Mary Karr/ Two Poems
Yannis Ritsos/ Three Poems (Translated by Edmund Keeley)
Ron Lieber/ Two Poems
Carole Oles/ City of the Holy Flesh
Peter Klappert/ Three Poems
Daniel Simko/ Dust
Bruce Beasley/ Two Poems
Mark Craver/ Against Funerals
Robert Hass/ The Apple Trees at Olema
John Lane/ Two Poems
Sam Hamill/ Two Poems
Tim McNulty/ Three Poems
David Romtvedt/ Farm Accident
Nancy Schoenberger/ Spring Maddens Animals
Cathy Song/ A Mehinaku Girl in Seclusion
Sharon Olds/ The Man-Child
William Matthews/ from A Happy Childhood


Kirsten Dehner/ Jorge Luis Borges on Leaves of Grass
Italo Calvino/ Italo Calbino on Invisible Cities
John Harney/ Interview with Jack Gilbert
Linda Gregg/ About Jack Gilbert


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