Issue 7


Editors: Henri Cole, Kurt Duecker
Fiction Editor: Paul Hoagland
Poetry Editor: Kathy Fagan
Managing Editors: Alison Golembiewski, Timothy Nolan
Benefit Chairman: Stuart D. Lishan

Tom Alderson, Brad Conard, T Glen Coughlin, Kirsten Dehner, Marilyn Dillihay, Trudy Dittmar, Ralph J Fletcher, Jr., Marjorie Friedman, Georgia Heard, Bert Howell, James Incorvaia, Nina Israel, Dwight King, Laura E. King, Gary Kleinau, Patrick McDermott, Laurel Ann McKee, Sarah McNamara, Susan Omeara, Richard O’Brien, Gail Pearlman, Scott Penney, Robi Phifer, Randall C. Ringer III, Lauren Schwartz, Mona Simpson, Alex Thornburn, Tim Tomlinson


Naked Boys On Naked Ponies (pp. 1-2) By Pattiann Rogers
The Blessing Of The Owl (pp. 3-4) By Pattiann Rogers
“I’m Waiting For The Man In The Moon” (pp. 5-18) By Pamela Erbe
The End Of The Affair (pp. 19-20) By Bin Ramke
Luna (p. 21) By Kenneth Rosen
Piano Player (pp. 22-23) By Peter Wild
The Trunk (pp. 24-27) By Jiří Sýkora And Eno King
Irene (pp. 28-41) By Madison Smartt Bell
Louisiana In Hurricane Season (pp. 42-43) By Charlotte Holmes
Audubon Park (pp. 44-45) By Charlotte Holmes
Iron Hans (p. 46) By James Krusoe
The Old King Taken (p. 47) By Paul Zimmer
Island Rising From The Sea (pp. 48-49) By William Pitt Root
Is (p. 50) By William Pitt Root
It’s Not My World (pp. 51-71) By James C. Schaap
Blossom (pp. 72-73) By Mary Oliver
Driving Through The Wind River Reservation, A Poem Of Black Bear (p. 74) By Mary Oliver
Acadian Lane (p. 75) By David St. John
Lanterns In The Trees (pp. 76-77) By John Drury
Your Move (pp. 78-84) By Michael Krekorian
Strange Bedfellows (pp. 85-90) By Robert R. Hellenga
Medusa (pp. 91-92) By Agha Shahid Ali
The First Day Of Summer (p. 93) By Deborah Digges
Familial (pp. 94-95) By William Matthews
The Bird Foundlings (pp. 96-97) By Elizabeth Spires
Bosch: Tabletop Of The Seven Deadly Sins And The Four Last Things (p. 98) By Elizabeth Spires
The Evil Side Of Red Brown (pp. 99-108) By C. Jane Warren
Past Union Square (pp. 109-110) By Gardner Mcfall
Precipitation (pp. 111-112) By Michael Rosen
Notes Through The Winter (pp. 113-114) By Michael Rosen
The Birdbath (pp. 115-116) By Michael Mcfee
Borders (pp. 117-130) By Peter Kussi
My Boat (pp. 131-132) By Carolyn Marsden
At Four In The Morning (pp. 133-134) By Vern Rutsala
Morandi (pp. 135-136) By James Mccorkle
Letter From Coalport (pp. 137-140) By Janice Maiman
Tom Wolfe At Columbia (pp. 141-162) By Kirsten Dehner And Tom Wolfe

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