Issue 6

Issue 6


Editors: Bonnie ZoBell & Nancy Schoenberger
Fiction Editor: John Soat
Poetry Editor: Michael Moos
Managing Editors: Tina Barr & Henri Cole
Distribution Manager: Kurt Duecker
Advertising Managers: Lee Higgs & Paul Hoagland
Staff: Mari Alschuler, Yvonne Brooks, elvin Chunningham, Kathy Fagan, Jane Fink, Mauro Frasca, Deborah Futter, Carol Gillis, Alison Golembiewski, Dana Heller, Berthel Howell, Wendy Jones, Michael Juby, Mary Mallery, Helen Mitsios, Timothy Nolen, Richard Norman, Karla Olson, James Reidel, Diance Reynolds, Nancy Schessler, William Tester, James Truman, Susan Whittaker, John Works, Cyn Zarco



Debra Lints/ A Story Not Meant To Be Repeated To Nobody
Greg Leichner/ Battle Scenes
Raymond Carver/ The Bath
George Chambers/ A Perfectly Blue Day
Enid Harlow/ Dreams With Marmalade
Robert Whitaker/ City Closets
Steven Schwartz/ Monkey Business
Gordon Lisa/ How To Write A Novel


Linda Gregg/ Three Poems
Lisa Ress/ Route 11 South Towards Christiansberg
Elizabeth Weber/ Letter To Abiah From Emily
Don Schofield/ Two Poems
Mary Fell/ The Persistence Of Memory
William Kloefkorn/ Aunt Flora
Lynn C. Jacox/ Dialogue in Jordan, Montana
Eugene Ruggles/ Amputee
Albert Goldbarth/ Preparations For Travel
David Bottoms/ The Gar
Carol Muske/ Blood Hour
William Stafford/ How It Is
Gary Gildner/ The Munitions Man
Ted Kooser/ Two Poems
Philip Dacey/ One Of The Boys
Lauren Jensen/ Rain
William Matthews/ Unsparing
Ross Talarico/ The Reptilian Interludes
Eugene Ruggles/ Inscription For The Door
William Pitt Root/ Blue Lake Dream


Liza Williams/ A Review of Other Days By John Haines
Paul Hoagland and Kurt Decker/ Norman Mailer at Columbia (Moderated by Joseph McElroy)
Ann Douglas/ Desending Figure: An Interview Louise Gluck

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