Issue 54

Issue 54
Issue 54

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Editor-in-Chief: Tyler Green
Managing Editor: Raluca Albu
Business Manager: Michelle Hogmire
Fiction Editor: Liza St. James
Nonfiction Editor: María Jesús Zevallos
Poetry Editor: Nathan Osorio
Art Editor: Emily Skillings
Translation Editor: Nathan Goldstone
Events Manager: Rachel Chait
PR Manager: Kristina Tate
Development Manager: Mark Teshirogi
Copy Editors: McLean Swanson, Adriana Socoski, Afia Atakora
Fiction Board: Devyn White, Naveed Islam, Sam Clegg, Geeta Tewari, Kent Szlauderbach, Cameron Higgins, Michael Rex
Nonfiction Board: Will Augerot, Olivia Ciacci, Mina Hamedi, Naomi Falk
Poetry Board: Gabrielle Otero, Avia Tadmor, Aaron Poochigian, Michael Juliani, Christopher Blackman

Online Editor: Jesse E. Sherwood
Web Designer: Erika Luckert
Online Fiction Editor: Ari Braverman
Online Nonfiction Editor: Kristi DiLallo
Online Poetry Editor: Michelle Burk
Online Translation Editor: Claire Sibley
Online Arts Editor: Nicholas Goodly
Online Reviews Editor: Ryan Meehan
Digital Archivist: William Monette

Faculty Advisory Board:
William Wadsworth, Timothy Donnelly, Leslie Jamison, Heidi Julavits, Alan Ziegler

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