Issue 53



Editor-in-Chief: Katrine Øgaard Jensen
Managing Editor: Mary Jean Murphy
Business Manager: John Gerace
Fiction Editor: Kayla Maiuri
Nonfiction Editor: Carla Stockton
Poetry Editor: Carlie Hoffman
Art Editor: Adam Winters
Translation Editor: Katrine Øgaard Jensen
Events Manager: Matt Shafeek
PR Manager: Meriam Raouf
Development Manager: Ryan Smernoff
Copy Editor: Andrew Waldron
Fiction Board: Erin Pesut, Abbigail Rosewood, Lillian Klein, Elizabeth Koster, Andrew Waldron, Sean Quinn, Leesa Fenderson
Nonfiction Board: Robert Henderson, Elizabeth Walters, Lívia Lakomy
Poetry Board: Nicollette Barsamian, Hannah Rogers
Online Editor: Patrick Errington
Online Fiction Editor: Elina Mishuris
Online Nonfiction Editor: Selin Gökçesu
Online Poetry Editor: Patrick Errington


David James Poissant/ Missed Connection
Katelyn O’Brien/ Details
Cyan Perry/ Claire & Miri
Stephanie Devine/ Confessions

Rachel Louise Snyder/ Burning Man
John Waters (Interview by Thelma Adams)/ The Manson Family, Mommy Porn and Love Maps: Still waters Run Deep
Rebecca Lee (Interview by Mary Jean Murphy)/ Tethering to Reality
Ellen Davis Sullivan/ The Perfect Height for Kissing
Mary Jo Bang (Interview by Katrine Øgaard Jensen)/ How the Hell: Dante’s Inferno and the Craft of Translation

Camille Rankine/ Sublimation
James Hoch/ Small Orange
Rob Ostrom/ The Future Will Be an Underdressed Version of the Future
Denise Duhamel/ Questions of Faith
Denise Duhamel/ Body Horror
Scott Cunningham/ Soda Can
Todd Fredson/ Medicaments
Hafizah Geter/ Naturalized Citizen
Jeffrey McDaniel/ The Imperial Diet
Michael Shewmaker/ The Mime of Thermopylae
Michael Shewmaker/ The Somnambulist
Anna Journey/ Fried Chicken Prom Corsage (2): Danse Macabre
Anna Journey/ To Stop Tears While Chopping an Onion, Hang a Slice of Bread Out of Your Mouth
Marci Calabretta/ Old Country, New World
Justin Boening/ Idiom of the Entrepreneur
Tod Marshall/ The End is Not an Animal
Lisa Olstein/ It All Lights Up
Christopher Citro/ So That’s What an Invisible Barrier Looks Like

Shuzo Takiguchi, translated by Yuki Tanaka & Mary Jo Bang/ Etamines Narratives (Stamen Stories)
Bogdan Suceavă, translated by Alistair Ian Blyth/ The Miraculous Tale of Man’s Ascent to the Heavens
Josefine Klougart, translated by Martin Aitken/ One of Us is Sleeping
Hao Yu-Hsiang, translated by Darryl Sterk/ In the Tenement on Duckweed Lane

Jakob Theileis/ No-4; No-36; No-42 (USA); No-65 (DE)
Matt Granger/ Kevin Girard; Pete Brock
James Rubio/ Black Flowers; Black Bird Black Flowers; Black Flower Pile; Flores Negras
Invader/ BBO_23, Bilbao, 2007; HK_72, Hong Kong, 2014; From PA_001 to PA_1000, 1998-2001; LDN_99, London, 2007
Blek le Rat/ Homeless Man, New York; David, Paris, 2005; Mark, Brooklyn, 2005; Rat, Paris, 1981

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