Issue 52


Editor-in-Chief: Angelica Baker
Managing Editor: Laura Standley
Publisher: Sukriti Yadava
Fiction Editor: Maris Finn
Nonfiction Editor: Caroline McCaughey
Poetry Editor: Laura Romeyn
Art Editor: Gregory Gentert

Online Staff
E.B. Bartels – Editor
David Salinas – Web Editor
Creative Direction: Laura Standley
Maris Finn – Fiction Editor
Laura Romeyn – Poetry Editor
Caroline McCaughey – Nonfiction Editor
Online Content Board: Elina Mishuris, Elijah Bean, Selin Gokcesu

Events Manager: Caroline Bodian
Development Manager: Alicia Meier
Copy Editors: Ashley Patrick, Yvonne Kendall
Fiction Board: Barbara Fenig, Andrea Morrison, Daniel Tovrov, Cathy Kirch
Nonfiction Board: Jordan Kisner, Mary Mann, Elizabeth Koster, Kea Krause
Poetry Board: Kanasu Nagathihalli, Nick Narbutas, Kay Zhang, Richard Quigley


Karen Shepard/The Palace of Happiness
Wayne Harrison/The Wreck
Matthew Lansburgh/Gunpoint
Mike Lacher/

Jessica Hendry/ Clarity and the Colon
Lia Purpura/ Loss Collection
Amy Fusselman/ Swimming Sounds
Nick Flynn/ Whose Dream is This?
Adriana Paramo/ Un Cabron in Kuwait
Caitlyn Christensen/ Sinkholes

Kim Westfall/ Quick Ink #9-16
Robbin Maddock/ From the Book “III”
Dru Donavan/ Untitled
John Divola/ Dogs Chasing My Car in the Desert, D06 Run Sequence
Elisabeth Tonnard/ In this Dark Wood
Robbin Maddock/ From the Book “III”

George David Clark/ My Friend, the Queenside Knight Cold Night
Josh Bell/ PSA; Alamo Theory; Your Prime Minister Speaks
Fady Joudah/ 4th of July; Pray For Us; translated from Ghassan Zaqtan
Sara Gelston/ Sugar and Salt; Deposition; Not One Death but Many
Melissa Broder/ Prism Ditch; The Nature of Our Concerns; Mud Rush
David Trinidad/ It’s 1990 and I’m still new
Natalie Lyalin/ Wolverine
Sarah Lindsay/ Reactor
Matthew Antonio/Arrival #1; Four Stone Children
Cynthia Marie Hoffman/ You with the Getting Shot
Ezekiel Black/ Motor oil anoints the cast iron skillet
Laurie Sewall/ Galloping Hills In The Distance
Adam Day/ Dakota

Interview with Ann Beattie by Angelica Baker

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