Issue 51


Editor-In-Chief: Laura Thomas
Managing Editor: Jaime Green
Business Manager: Madeline Felix
Fiction Editor: Matt Galagher
Nonfiction Editor: Nick Neely
Poetry Editor: Liam Powell
Art Editor: Kate Louise Peterson
Web Editor: Grant Bergland
Contests, Readings, and Promotions Manager: Crystal Kim
Development Manager: Suzie Hanrahan
Copy Editors: Hope Ewing, Yurina Ko
Blog Editor: Hope Ewing


A Sense of Things/ Typhanie Yanique
The Laughing Girl/ Jason Shults
Auston/ Eric Fair
The Fun of It/ Robin Underdahl
I Am My Favorite Person/ Seth Fried

Hide and Seek: Envelope 1, 8/21/ Ander Monson
Letter to a Past Lover/ Ander Monson
Up In Paradise/ Teddy Macker
Noooo/ Brian Doyle
Cell Phone Novel/ Justin Wolfe
Your Real Self Sings the Song/ Isaac Butler

Two Horses/ Mark Irwin
Spring/ Mark Irwin
Ritual/ Mark Irwin
The Mountain Lion/ Robyn Schiff
Possession/ Robyn Schiff
Reception in an All-Glass Room/ Ben Purket
First Birds & Then Cages are Set Free/ Ben Purket
Of Stroke/ Katy Lederer
Atonement Strategy/ Katy Lederer
Manifesto: On Persuasion/ Laura Carter
Balsam Fir/ Bianca Stone
The Collected Poems/ Brett Fletcher Lauer
From a Thorn of Sonnets/ Brett Fletcher Lauer
Institutional Memory/ Brett Fletcher Lauer
In 2003 i participated in a 10-day-breathing-workshop/ Christine Herzer
Aux Marquises/ jeff Nagy
The Sun Exceeds Consequence, like when We’re in Love./ Kent Shaw
The Lesson/ Bruce Bond
that i wanted her was not enough/ Hafizah Geter
Dear Paula, Yes./ Hafizah Geter
Empire/ Dean Gorman

Eleventh Finger, No. 8/ Yuki Onodera
Ca’del Duca Sforza, Venice, I: November 5, 2005/ Vera Lutter
An Alphabet/ Matthew Buckingham
Double Default/ Eileen Quinlan
Paul As Poet/ Eileen Quinlan
a single celebratory moment/ Paul Schiek
Untitled/ Katherine Wolkoff
Wave/ Alison Rossiter
The Raft/ Eileen Quinlan
Summer Camp, Brevard, NC 1996/ Mark Steinmetz

Daniel Handler/ Laura Thomas

Pantoum for Hiram/ Matt Madden

Contest Winners
Fiction: The Sound is a Comfort/ Philip T. Carter
Nonfiction: On the Ward/ Keely Lewis
Poetry: Far Means a Place Not Here/ Amanda Jane McConnon

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