Issue 50


Fiction Board: Iris Cohen, Aaron Slater, Kimberly Wang
Nonfiction Board: Channing Kehoe, Sarah Perry, Rebecca Worby
Poetry Board: Hilary Vaughn Dobel, Joshua Daniel Edwin, Sam Ross, Eleanor Sarasohn
Faculty Board: Donald Antrim, Binnie Kirschenbaum, Sam Lipsyte, Ben Marcus, William Wadsworth
Contest Judges: Anne Fadiman, Dinaw Mengestu, Eileen Myles
Cover Design: Megan Mangum
Design, Layout and Production: Megan Mangum


Telekinesis (p. 1) By Melissa Kwasny
Reading Beckett (p. 2) By Melissa Kwasny
Our Final Shower (pp. 3-12) By Sean Casey
Objective Vertigo (p. 13) By Peter Davidson
Colorado Springs Revisited (pp. 14-17) By Oliver Sacks
Having Since Moved On (p. 18) By Geoffrey G. O’brien
Left Behind (pp. 19-20) By Geoffrey G. O’brien
The Middle Way (pp. 21-27) By Richard Ford
Safekeeping (pp. 28-34) By Joanna Klink
How The Rebels Took Port Harcourt (pp. 35-50) By Matthew Derby
Forth (p. 51) By Rae Gouirand
The Last Breath Of Paul Celan (pp. 52-56) By Ryan Flaherty
Amulet (p. 57) By Stephanie Kartalopoulos
Chinese Restaurant (pp. 58-70) By Alix Ohlin

Louis Menand Reaches Critical Mass (pp. 72-85) By Alexis Tonti And Louis Menand

Passive Institutional Controls Revisited (pp. 86, I-xv) By Willy Wong, Andrew Liebchen, Bryony Roberts, Charles Alwakeel, Christopher Garcia, Stuart Henley, Emcee C. M. And Claire Jamieson
Jorie Graham
Cell (p. 87) By Pura López-colomé And Forrest Gander
Vision (pp. 88-89) By Pura López-colomé And Forrest Gander
Short Trip To Nicaragua (pp. 90-103) By Clancy Martin
Fever Dream As A Starved Pitcher Plant On A Swamp’s Winter Shore (pp. 104-105) By Anna Journey
The Spider (pp. 106-108) By Ben Lerner
About Face (pp. 109-113) By Morris Dickstein
Recall (p. 114) By Zachary Pace
Mangoes Falling: A Recession Dialogue (pp. 115-130) By Dennis Lang

Image Evolution (pp. 132-134) By Jenny Gropp Hess
Falling Through The New World (pp. 135-149) By Cynthia Reeves
Letter To A Lampshade (pp. 150-151) By Anne Marie Rooney
Lent (pp. 152-154) By Mark Wunderlich
Bright Angel Trail (pp. 155-161) By Rachel Dickinson
Oculus (p. 162) By Ken White
Though Our Mouths Be Taken From Us (pp. 163-165) By Ken White

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