Issue 49

STAFIssue 49F

Editor-in-Chief: Sara Faye Lieber
Managing Editor: JC Longbottom
Fiction Editor: James McGirk
Nonfiction Editor: Abigail Rasminsky
Poetry Editor: Diana Khoi Nguyen
Art Editor: Tracy Molis
Panel & Discussions: Hilary Leichter
Copy Editors: Swan Huntley, Nicole Jones
Web Editor: Iris Cushing
Blog Manager: Sasha Fletcher
Business Manager: Jessica Pishko
Contest & Promotions: Lauren Birden
Development Manager: Casey Plett
Associate Editor: Emily Herzlin


Cal Bedient/ After Bronzino
Bob Hicok/ Were I Adam, The Poem I’d Write Eve
Bob Hicok/ A Theory of Matter
Sarah Gridley/ Camera Obscura
Jacques Rancourt/ Winter Bedroom
Jennifer Militello/ Dictionary of Feigning Survival
Jennifer Militello/ Dictionary of Resignation
Sasha West/ The Earth is a Spartan Lover
Harryette Mullen/ This Urban Garden: L.A. Tanka
Nathaniel Mackey/ Song of the Andoumboulou: 89
Adam Day/ Sarclet
Malachi Black/ Coming and Going
Anne Shaw/ Ransom
Michael Palmer/ Traumegedicht
Franz Wright/ Nude with Handgun and Rosary
David Lau/ Walkie-Talkie Canticle
David Lau/ Tombs Called Matilde
Kristen Gleason/ Good Plan
Larissa Szporluk/ Traffic with Macbeth
Mark Wagenaar/ Nocturne Past Dreaming

Kevin Barry/ Ernestine and Kit
Rudy Rucker/ Vib
Karl Taro Greenfeld/ Client
Joanna Hershon/ Travelling in the Moment
Leni Zumas/ Toothed
Annemarie Neary/ Babylon

Michelle Tea/ Summer of Lost Jobs
Paul Elie/ Good Editor Hard to Find
Molly Wizenberg/ Excellence is an Ugly Pasta
T Cooper/ Up in Arms
Frank Huyler/ The Rock Star
Frank Huyler/ The Accountant
Siri Hustvedt/ A Few Thoughts on Reading
Kevin Haworth/ Cut
Sara Faye Lieber/ Interview: Judith Thurman

Fia Backstrom/ Recycle (hanging proposal for sculpture by Kelly Walker); Apple (hanging proposal for photograph by Roe Ethridge); Atomkraft-Nein Danke (hanging proposal for painting by Adam McEwan)
Carlee Fernandez/ Self-Portrait: Portrait of my Father Manuel Fernandez
Lucy McKenzie/ Untitled; Untitled; Untitled
Adam Helms/ Untitled; Untitled (48 Portraits 2010)
Dario Robleto/ Daughters of Wounds and Relics; Love has Value Because it’s not Eternal; The Boundary of Life is Quietly Crossed
Doug Harvey/ As-is is as As-is Does; The Dignity of Labor, Dream House
Rob Pruitt/ Rumspringa Quilt Broken Dishes; Rumspringa Quilt Double Double Rainbow

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