Issue 47


Copyeditor: Ryan Kearney
Assistant: Amanda Shapiro
Nonfiction Board: Catherine Lacey, Montana Wojczuk
Assistants: Emily Adler, Gordon Sauer, Aaron Cutler
Poetry Board: Janice Greenwood, Alexander Landfair, Ben Pease
Assistants: Eric Burg, Natalie Eilbert, Anwyn Crawford
Fiction Board: Robyn Gertner, Libby Leonard, Matthew L. Rossi
Assistants: Yael Korman, Heather Monley, Nafkote Tamirat
Faculty Board: Lucie Brock-Broido, Binnie Kirshenbaum, William Wadsworth


The Pop Culture Clause (pp. 1-10) By Elizabeth Wurtzel
The New Hymns (pp. 11-12) By Timothy Donnelly
Chivas Regal (pp. 13-14) By Timothy Donnelly
To His Own Device (pp. 15-16) By Timothy Donnelly
No Names (pp. 17-20) By Justin Taylor
Death Of A Small-timer (pp. 21-42) By John H. Richardson
From “The Ophany” (p. 43) By Cyrus Console
From “The Ophany” (p. 44) By Cyrus Console
Neoliberal Orbital (pp. 45-49) By Joshua Clover
Chomsky, Rodents (pp. 50-61) By Lydia Millet
Feeding The Tiger (pp. 62-71) By Peter Graham
Hotel Windamere, Darjeeling, 1978 (p. 72) By Kathy Nilsson
Autobiography (p. 73) By Kathy Nilsson
Museum (p. 74) By Kathy Nilsson

Michael Ondaatje: From Archives To Page (pp. 76-85) By Dawn Marie Knopf And Michael Ondaatje

Images Of Iraq (pp. 86, 1-15) By Hadeel Alubaidy, Erin Fetherman, Jonathan Fegler, Rabih Helou, Marcel Rachad And Tina Rashad
The Goosenecks Of The San Juan (p. 87) By Gary Snyder
The Dancer Is A Weaver (p. 88) By Gary Snyder
Growing Up Superfund (pp. 89-105) By Brandon R. Schrand
A String Theory (p. 106) By Matthew Nienow
From The Bird’s Heart (p. 107) By Matthew Nienow
Ocean (pp. 108-110) By Barry Yourgrau
Night Swim (pp. 111-112) By Haines Eason
Catch (p. 113) By James Crews
Palamino (pp. 114-115) By James Crews
[illustration] (p. 116) By
Genre Ghettos And Writers Of Greatish, Literaryish Fiction (pp. 117-120) By Justin Taylor, Mark Greif And Heidi Julavits
How High Deer Jump Son (pp. 121-139) By Stefan De La Garza
Headstand In The Rain (p. 140) By Paul Nemser
Atlantic Ocean. Winter. 1954 (p. 141) By William Logan
Siringo In The Appalachians (pp. 142-143) By William Logan
37 Seconds (pp. 144-147) By Deb Olin Unferth

We Contemplate Having A Child (pp. 149-150) By Benjamin Landry
Losing Brooklyn (pp. 151-161) By Deborah Milstein
Register Please (p. 162) By Jonas Williams

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