Issue 46


Editor-in-Chief: Kristin Vukovic
Managing Editor: James yeh
Fiction Editor: Ann DeWitt
Nonfiction Editor: Claire Dunnington
Poetry Editor: Emily Wolahan
Art Section Editor: Brendan Harman
Layout & Design: Amanda Pennelly
Copy Chief: Esther Lin
Business Manager: Rozalia Jovanovic
Contest & Readings: Jess Sauer
Grants Manager: Alex Saville
Panel Discussions: Daniella Shoshan
Copyeditors: Joshua Garrett-Davis, Kate Lim, Kristen O’Toole
Nonfiction Board: Michelle Legro
Poetry Board: Jennifer Frazier, Jessica Harris, Kate Lim, Esther Lin, Michael Simon
Fiction Board: Jordan Foster, Rozalia Jovanovic, Lincold Michel, Kristen O’Toole, James Yeh
Faculty Board: Ben Marcus, Alice Quinn, Lis Harris


Walldog (pp. 1-10) By Michael Hawley
Compounding The Breach (pp. 11-22) By Desirae Matherly
The Throat (p. 23) By Tomaz Salamun And Joshua Beckman
Footprints Pressed In The Mirror (pp. 24-29) By Tomaz Salamun And Joshua Beckman
Tarantella For Czeslaw Milosz (p. 30) By G. C. Waldrep
The Prison Thing (p. 31) By G. C. Waldrep
Memory (pp. 32-36) By David Shields
Please Advise Stop (pp. 37-39) By Rusty Morrison
Catatonia (pp. 40-41) By Cate Marvin

Susan Orlean On Organic Writing (pp. 43-54) By Kristin Vukovic And Susan Orlean

Quail Haven, 1989 (pp. 55-57) By Andrew Malan Milward
Like A Hive Where Sleep Is Kept (pp. 58-59) By Kyle Mccord
From “helsinki” (pp. 60-63) By Peter Richards
Cul-de-sac (p. 64) By D. A. Powell
Death Song (p. 65) By Steve Almond
Los Ricos También Lloran (p. 66) By Steve Almond
Extractions Fron The China Cabinet (as Stirred By Villeroy & Boch & Hieronymous Bosch) By (pp. 67-69) By Sylvia Legris
In Love, With Russian (pp. 70-77) By Laura Esther Wolfson
Speaking Of Orbiting (p. 78) By Kimiko Hahn
Cross Species (p. 79) By Kimiko Hahn
Between (pp. 80-81) By Eric Linsker
January Scenes (from The Novel “all Souls”) By (pp. 82-86) By Christine Schutt
After The Ritual (pp. 1-16) By Kai Althoff, Tim Davis, Liz Deschenes, Daniel Gordon, Gareth James, Richard Kern, Josephine Pryde, Dana Schutz And Juergen Teller
The Sound (pp. 87-89) By Lia Purpura
Resistance (pp. 90-92) By Paul Muldoon
High And Low (pp. 93-95) By Paul Muldoon
Owls To Athens (pp. 96-97) By Paul Muldoon
Guide To Gracious Living (pp. 98-99) By Diane Williams
Derwin (p. 100) By Diane Williams
Was It/ It Was (p. 101) By Richard Greenfield
Guideline (pp. 102-103) By Richard Greenfield
Eclogue Alpha (p. 104) By Richard Greenfield
Two Reports (p. 105) By Richard Greenfield
Let Me Explain (pp. 106-114) By Michael Parker
Mr. Drum (pp. 115-118) By Thomas Sayers Ellis
A Poet In Juarez, Mexico (pp. 119-122) By Thomas Sayers Ellis
Hills Of Memory (pp. 123-138) By Elizabeth Dodd
Chorus (p. 139) By Dan Beachy-quick

Frog (pp. 141-155) By Owen Goodwyne
Two Takes For Eric Dolphy (pp. 156-157) By Michael Casper
To The Blue Group Marc Jacobs Explains His Haunting (pp. 158-160) By Bradford Gray Telford
Kate Moss Practices A Kind Of Caritas (pp. 161-163) By Bradford Gray Telford
“the Dye Merchant” (an Excerpt From The Novel) By (pp. 164-173) By Victoria Redel

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