Issue 45


Editor-in-Chief: Kimberly King Parsons
Fiction Editors: Alfred Brown IV, Kalpana Narayanan
Nonfiction Editors: Vanessa Guida, Cynthia-Marie O’Brien
Poetry Editors: Frances Justine Post, Annabelle Yeeseul Yoo
Art Section Editor: Jenelle Covino
Layout & Design: Amanda Pennelly
Copy Chief: Esther Lin
Managing Editor: Justin Belmont
Contest & Readings: Krista Manrique
Grants Manager: Kimberly Tingley
Copyeditors: Joshua Garrett-DAvis, Kate Lim, Kristen O’Toole
Nonfiction Board: Michelle Legro, Brook Wilensky-Lanford
Poetry Board: Krista Manrique, Jennifer Frazier, Jessica Harris, Kate Lim, Ether Lin, Michael Simon
Fiction Board: James Yeh, Jordan Foster, Rozi Jovanovic, Lincoln Michel, Kristen O’Toole


Minute Lives Of Great Composers (pp. 1-6) By Deb Olin Unferth
Thirty Years Of Prosperity For Every Fifteen Years Of Hard Work (pp. 7-25) By Matthew Derby
Pinocchio On Location (pp. 26-29) By Melissa Monroe
Pinocchio’s Pleasures (pp. 30-31) By Melissa Monroe
Candied (pp. 32-36) By Joe B. Sills
4 (p. 37) By Sarah Manguso
43 (p. 38) By Sarah Manguso
The Sheep, In Wool Coats, Did Not Suffer (p. 39) By J. L. Conrad
Alfons Kuylers (pp. 40-57) By Brian Evenson
From “catch Light” (p. 58) By Sarah O’brien
Twelve (p. 59) By B. Z. Niditch
Two Visions (pp. 60-61) By James Tate
The Native Americans (pp. 62-63) By James Tate

The Public Consumption Of Steve Almond (pp. 65-71) By Kimberly King Parsons

Orpheus (pp. 72-73) By Melissa Kwasny
The Ice-lit Upper World (p. 74) By Melissa Kwasny
Shadow War (pp. 75-86) By Roy Ekland
Sea (and The Idea Of It) By (pp. 1-15) By Dan Torop, Vija Celmins, A. J. Bocchino, Ed Ruscha And Shannon Ebner
Animal Lover (p. 87) By Terese Svoboda
Found Flying Prison Note (p. 88) By Jon Woodward
From “Circling Jennifer: A Mother And Daughter Odyssey” (pp. 89-105) By Carolyn Walker
Splendor In The Grass (p. 106) By Dara Wier
Scorch Marks (p. 107) By Dara Wier
November Elegy (p. 108) By Mary Jo Bang
January Elegy (p. 109) By Mary Jo Bang
She Remembered (pp. 110-111) By Mary Jo Bang
Pig (pp. 113-122) By C. Robert Miller
From “Birthday Season” (pp. 123-129) By John Fried
Yodel (pp. 130-131) By Ashley Hudson
Where Even The Temples Themselves Are Yearning (pp. 132-144) By Jenny Boully
I Rightfully Curse The Author Of So Pernicious A Machine (p. 145) By Amy Beeder
Eyewitness (p. 146) By Amy Beeder
The Leper’s Prayer (p. 147) By Amy Beeder
From “Self Portraits” (pp. 148-149) By Amaranth Borsuk
The Voice Box: Our Opera Of High And Low (pp. 150-164) By Eula Biss
The Performing Understanding (pp. 165-166) By Christian Hawkey
We, She And I (pp. 167-168) By Kevin Moffett

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