Issue 43


Production Board: Tom Treanor
Nonfiction Board: Stacey Cook, Kate Daloz, Elyse Lightman, Sara Marcus, Sarah Ramey, Miriam Schiffer
Poetry Board: Elizabeth Whittlesey, Diana Marie Delgado, Camille Rankine
Fiction Board: Abby Caran, Kate Daloz, Ryan Joe, Molly Jones, Aram Kim, Juan Martinez, Chandler Smith, Tom Treanor, Alex Wenger


Michael Jordan, In General (pp. 11-15) By R. B. Glaser
The Infant Scholars (p. 16) By Kathy Nilsson
The Procuress (p. 17) By Kathy Nilsson
The Storeroom Of Playboy Males (pp. 18-35) By Robin Hemley
Romance (p. 36) By Timothy Liu
resisting Foucault’s Cryptograms (pp. 38-46) By Wayne Koestenbaum
10 By 12 (pp. 48-49) By Max Winter
Warning: (p. 50) By Max Winter
4 By 4 (p. 51) By Max Winter
Early To Bed Late To Bed (pp. 52-57) By Max Winter
The Physical World (pp. 58-70) By Lauren Acampora
The Afflicted (pp. 71-96) By Saïd Sayrafiezadeh
[a Book From The Sky] (pp. 1-6) By Xu Bing
Chinese, Now & Then (pp. 7-16) By Ma Liuming, Zhang Huan, Song Dong, Chen Shaoxiong, Xu Bing And Cai Guo-qiang
Physics Walks Into A Bar (p. 97) By Matt Zambito
From “the Three Musketeers” (pp. 98-120) By Richard Pevear And Alexandre Dumas
The Blind Are Sleeping (p. 121) By Emily Fragos
An Old Illness (p. 122) By Emily Fragos
Chopiniana (p. 123) By Emily Fragos
Yakudoshi (pp. 124-143) By Kyoko Mori
The Fungus (pp. 144-145) By Larissa Szporluk
Edgepeople (pp. 146-147) By Larissa Szporluk
Running The Room (pp. 148-161) By Pia Z. Ehrhardt
One Story And A Slap (p. 163) By Karen Tepfer
City Walk (pp. 164-167) By Deborah Baker
Working Men In Their Sunday Clothes (pp. 168-169) By B.h. Fairchild
Bonding (pp. 170-171) By Rae Armantrout
Help (pp. 172-173) By Rae Armantrout
Inscription (pp. 174-175) By Rae Armantrout
Laurel Canyon (pp. 176-180) By John Haskell
The Sphere Of Birds (pp. 181-185) By Ciaran Berry
Exposé (pp. 186-187) By Heather Mchugh
Little To Be (pp. 188-189) By Heather Mchugh
Winter Flies (p. 190) By James Grinwis
Connective Astronomy (p. 191) By James Grinwis
Translator’s Note: A Mysterious Letter (pp. 192-206) By Virginia Jewiss And Melania Mazzucco
Portrait Of The Whirlwind In Job As A Passenger Pigeon Flock (p. 207) By Matt Donovan
Last Hour (pp. 208-218) By Donald Morrill
With A Thick Piece Of Charcoal In Massachusetts (p. 219) By Brian Hoffman

Big Casino (pp. 220-230) By Rocco Debonis
Blue (pp. 231-243) By Michelle Disler
Interrogatory No. 4: Pre-fabrication (pp. 244-245) By Jennifer Merrifield

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