Issue 42


Editor-in-Chief: Thom Blaylock
Managing Editor: Michelle Heinz
Nonfiction Editors: Michael McAllister, Meehan Crist
Poetry Editors: Margaret Monaghan, Mark P Bowen
Fiction Editors: Anna Selver-Kassell, Leyla Ertegun
Art Section Editor: Qing Liu
Layout & Design: Amanda Pennelly
Illustration Artist: Maceo Montoya
Contest & Readings: Stephanie Anderson, Kate Lynn Schirmer
Development: Kara Levy
Website Manager: Helene Weker
Grants Writer: David Harrington

Forgotten Books, Remembered Narratives Project: Matthew Griffin, Lytton Smith
Marketing: Billy Merrell
Nonfiction Board: Stacey Cook, Adina Kay, Elyse Lightman
Poetry Board: Samuel Amadon, Diana Marie Delgado, Adam Dressler, John Ebersole, Olena Jennings, Ricardo Maldonado, Gillian Osborne, Matthew Pennock
Fiction Board: Clare Beams, Brian Francis Chu, Vivien Drabkin, Ruth Galm, David Gerrard, Olena Jennings, Phillip Kim, Affinity Konar, Sarah Evans ROse, Anne Swan, Rebecca Schiff
Copy-Editing: Claudette Bakhtiar, Justin Daniel Belmont, Claire Bernard, Beth Feldman, Ashley McCullough, Lytton Smith


When You Walk From This Room (pp. 11-22) By Marsha Recknagle
The Banquet Master (p. 23) By James Doyle
The Upper Canada Holding Company (pp. 24-31) By Samantha Gillison
The Way-out Way Out (pp. 32-33) By Jennifer Michael Hecht
Winter At The Sea Shore (pp. 34-35) By Allen Grossman
Timor Mortis Inc., A Switchboard Memory (p. 36) By Allen Grossman
From “the Book Of Calamities” (pp. 38-47) By Peter Trachtenberg

Selected Poems
Twin (p. 48) By Mary Zoo
Candle (p. 49) By Mary Zoo
Dalloway & Hannah (pp. 50-64) By Stephanie Dickinson

Selected Poems
Feast (p. 65) By Eamon Grennan
New Year’s Day: Looking For A Sign (p. 66) By Eamon Grennan
Morning Under Muckish (p. 67) By Eamon Grennan
What Shadows (p. 68) By Eamon Grennan
Weather Artists (p. 69) By Eamon Grennan
The Pass (pp. 70-79) By Kirsty Gunn

Selected Writing
Ghee Glee (pp. 80-83) By Thylias Moss
Fork Addiction (pp. 84-89) By Thylias Moss
The Culture Of Reena And The Bear (pp. 89-92) By Thylias Moss
The Culture Of Mr. Wonderful (pp. 92-96) By Thylias Moss
[self Portrait #15] (p. I) By Jack Pierson
[pool Pushers] (p. Ii) By Anthony Goicolea
[fuck Face] (p. Iii) By Jake Chapman And Dinos Chapman
[self Portrait #11] (p. Iv) By Jack Pierson
[tree Dwellers] (p. V) By Anthony Goicolea
[self Portrait #4] (p. Vi) By Jack Pierson
[dead Forest] (p. Vii) By Anthony Goicolea
[boys’ Room] (pp. Viii-ix) By Anthony Goicolea
[self Portrait #19] (p. X) By Jack Pierson
[tragic Anatomies] (p. Xi) By Dinos Chapman And Jake Chapman
[still Life With Pig] (p. Xii) By Anthony Goicolea
[dna Zygotic] (p. Xiii) By Jake Chapman And Dinos Chapman
[self Portrait #17] (p. Xiv) By Jack Pierson
[zygotic Acceleration, Biogenetic De-sublimated Libidinal Model (enlarged X1000) By (p. Xv) By Jake Chapman And Dinos Chapman
[self Portrait #1] (p. Xvi) By Jack Pierson

Selected Poems
Our Hero Galliano (p. 97) By Liam Rector
New York City (p. 98) By Liam Rector
Soon The City (p. 99) By Liam Rector

From “Agony: Agony And The University” (pp. 100-103) By Joe Wenderoth
From “In The Red Dress I Wear To Your Funeral” (pp. 104-107) By Erin Belieu
Steel Smoke (pp. 108-115) By Hamilton Walters

[interview By Leyla Ertegun] (pp. 117-123) By Amy Bloom And Leyla Ertegun

La Cabre (pp. 124-125) By Lucia Bryant
Gigi (pp. 126-134) By James Davis
Enlightened (p. 135) By Lydia Davis
Watch Out For Land Mines (pp. 136-141) By Eula Biss

Selected Poems
Villanelle (p. 142) By Priscilla Becker
The Sound Of The Closing Door (p. 143) By Priscilla Becker
By Way Of Toronto (pp. 144-156) By Dalia Azim
Pants (pp. 157-167) By Stuart Lewis

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