Issue 41


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Managing Editor: Tom Haushalter
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Poetry Editors: Subhashini Kaligotla, Lynne Potts
Fiction Editors: Alena Graedon, Andrea Libin
Art Section Editor: Andrew Seguin
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Contest & Readings: Thomas Hummel
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Website Manager: Delina Codey
Nonfiction Board: Stacey Cook, Adina Kay, Elyse Lightman
Poetry Board: Stephanie Anderson, DAvid Francis, Gillian Osborne
Fiction Board: Clare Beams, Brian Francis Chu, Vivien Drabkin, Ruth Galm, David Gerrard, David Harrington, Olena Jennings, Philip Kim, Affinity Konar, Kara Levy, Sarah Evans Rose, Rebecca Schiff, Anne Swan


Words That Are Not Yours: Learning To Read In A Foreign Language (pp. 9-15) By Lara Vapnyar
Froonday (pp. 16-25) By Rachel Beth Glaser
The Lord And Adam, In The Garden Of Eden (pp. 26-27) By James Henry And Christopher Rick

Three Poems
Gone (p. 28) By Mary Jo Bang
The Cruel Wheel Turns Twice (p. 29) By Mary Jo Bang
No More (p. 30) By Mary Jo Bang

Two Poems
A Love Supreme (p. 31) By Gabrielle Galvocoressi
From “the Chapel, Now Quite Open To Its God”: 1. Incantation To The Mason (pp. 32-33) By Gabrielle Galvocoressi

On Why The Fact Needs Fun: An Argument In Opposition To Nonficition’s Police (pp. 34-51) By John D’agata
Resurrection Theory (p. 52) By Quan Barry
Ignatz In Pursuit (p. 53) By Monica Youn
Newlywed Ghazal (p. 54) By Victoria Chang
The Briefcase Of The Pregnant Spylady (pp. 55-61) By Jeff Parker

In Conversation: Phillip Lopate And Vijay Seshadri Discuss Genre, The Art Of Dialogue, And Walking New York (pp. 63-77) By Phillip Lopate And Vijay Seshadri
Sea Watchers, Oil Paint On Canvas, 1952 (pp. 78-79) By Ravi Shankar
Waves (pp. 80-81) By Robin Behn
Excerpt From “talking God’s Radio”: Hold My Mule (pp. 83-87) By John High
On King Hala’s “sattasai” (pp. 88-92) By Andrew Schelling
Masters Of The Tactile (pp. I-xvi) By Brenton Hamilton, Dan Estabrook And Jayne Hinds Bidaut
Captiva (pp. 93-108) By Pamela Ryder
The Body Servant Tends Jin Lien (p. 109) By Vera Krons
Translating Tagore (p. 110) By Dilruba Ahmed
Envelopes Of Sky (pp. 112-113) By Oni Buchanan
Voyager (p. 114) By Srikanth Reddy

Columbia’s Andrew Seguin Discusses Process And The 19 Th Century With Cyanotypist Brenton Hamilton (pp. 117-126) By Andrew Seguin And Brenton Hamilton
In Praise Of Ice Cream Vending Machines At A Greyhound Bus Station (p. 127) By Aimee Nezhukumatathil
The Honeymoon Of Our Attraction (p. 128) By Carrie Etter
White Noise (p. 130) By A.e. Stallings
Arrival (pp. 131-146) By Tom Bissell
Subjoinders To Our Hero (p. 147) By Ryan Flaherty
[So Much Joy! We Have Come As Close As We Dared, Lord] (p. 149) By Ilya Kaminsky

Reason Not The Need (pp. 151-163) By Arthur Saltzman
Vocation: Abel Speaks (p. 165) By Carolina Ebeid
A Sorry Concept, That Town (p. 166) By Emily Rosko
The Consolations Of Philosophy (p. 167) By Ryan Fox
Swimming At Night (pp. 169-178) By Thea Goodman
Tribute: Lexi Rudnitsky (p. 179) By Donna Masini

Selected Poems
San Francisco, 1993 (p. 180) By Lexi Rudnitsky
Dolores Street (p. 181) By Lexi Rudnitsky
Highway 1 (p. 181) By Lexi Rudnitsky
Engagement Party (p. 182) By Lexi Rudnitsky
The Guests (p. 183) By Lexi Rudnitsky
By Accident (p. 183) By Lexi Rudnitsky

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