Issue 40


Editor-in-Chief: Lytton Smith
Layout Editor: Jennifer F. Estaris
Managing Editor: Tom Haushalter
Advertising Editor: S K. Beringer
Fiction Editors: Andrea Libin & Alena Graedon
Nonfiction Editors: Kelly McMasters & Mackenzie Pitcairn
Poetry Editors: Subhashini Kaligotla & Lynne Potts
Art Editors: Quinn Latimer & Andrew Seguin
Editorial Assistants: Stephanie Anderson, Rebecca DiLiberto, Jason Nickerson, Jared White, and Jennie Yabroff
Website Manager: Delina Codey
Contests/Reading Manager: Thomas Hummel
Marketing Manager: Robert Ostrom
Layout: SK. Beringer, Justin Dodd, and Quinn Latimer


Fiction: Gary Lutz/ Men Your Own Age
Tom Perrotta/ The Wiener Man
Julian Barnes/ Hamlet in the Wild West
Jonathan Lethem/ Children with Hangovers
Sam Lipsyte/ Captain Thorazine
Kawabata Yasunari/ Footfalls (Tr. H. Francis Freniere)
Raymond Carver/ The Bath
Ha Jin/ Broken
Gordon Lish/ The Traitor

Nonfiction: Lorrie Moore/ Where Food Comes From
Janet Reitman/ A Season in Exile
Lynn McGee/ A Columbia Interview with Allen Ginsberg
Phillip Lopate/ Never Live Above Your Landlord
Barbara Raisbeck/ Viewing
Musa Mayer/ Philip Guston and the Privilege of Writing Badly
Italo Calvino/ on Invisible Cities

Kay Ryan/ The Museum of False Starts
Laurence Snydal/ Grandmother
Eamon Grennan/ Endangered Species
David Kirby/ The Possum Boyfriend
Regie Cabico/ Hansel Tells Gretel of the Witch
Jeff Freidman/ Orpheus in Williamsburg
Fanny Howe/ San Francisco
Charles Wright/ Envoi
Karen Volkman/ Sonnet
Robert Pinsky/ Canto XXI—the inferno of Dante Alighieri
Thomas Lux/ So You Put the Dog to Sleep
Ben Downing/ The Sideways Medusa
Sophie Cabot Black/ November
Virgil Suarez/ La Malanguita
David Herrstrom/ Cabot’s Tune
Suji Kwock Kim/ Nocturne
Kimiko Hahn/ When You Leave
AR Ammons/ Period
Lucille Clifton/ evening and my dead once husband
Richard Katrovas/ Elegy for My Mother
Jack Gilvert/ Two Poems
Donald Hall/ Old Roses
Jane Kenyon/ Let Evening Come
Eavan Boland/ Irish Women Explorers of the Nineteenth Century
Lilian Ursu/ Ancient and Beautiful as the Mist (Tr. Tess Gallager & Adam J. Sorkin)
Michael J. Rosen/ Notes Through the Winter
Gonzalo Rojas/ Numen (tr. Ben Belitt)
Henri Cole/ Three Aurelian Moons
Carol Tufts/ Leda on the Edge of the Millennium
Mark Halliday/ My Strange New Poetry
Linda Gregg/ The White Bulls of Heaven
Rabindranath Tagore/ from The Lover of God (Tr. Chase Twichell & Tony K. Stewart)
Alicia Ostriker/ The Exchange
Michael Hudson/ The Sword-Swallower Pines for his Ex-Wife, the Fire Eater


Kara Walker
Lisa Yuskavage
Nan Goldin
Laylaii Ali
Shirin Neshat

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