Issue 4


Editors: Eva Burch, Harvey Lillywhite
Poetry Editor: Kate Daniels
Fiction Editor: Elizabeth Denton
Managing Editors: Dave Chin, Jeanne Yeasting
Production Managers: Clifford Guren, Michael Moos
Benefit Coordinator: Edward Power
Distribution Manager: Erik Hedegaard
Poetry Board: Elizabeth Barr, Gwendolyn Boeke, Kathy Dellis, Allison Jester, Susan Johnson, Madeline Lippman, Nancy Schoenberger, Celia Watson Strome, Mervyn Taylor, Terry Travis, Susan Webster

Fiction Board: Allan Barnett, James Boyle, Peter Del Greco, Gloria Gibson, Marlene Hauser, Erik Hedegaard, Russell Hoover, Wendy Jones, Naomi Rand, Edward Sarowitz, Jean Schachtschneider, John Soat, Linda Svendson
Joseph Trevisani, Tim Wetmore, Bonnie Zobell

Myra Basner, Lucie Brock Broido, Melvin Cunningham, Ann Douglas, Patricia Dunnington, Matthew Ellison, Carolyn Fitzgerald, Andrew Karp, Christopher Parker, Ronald Roselli, Joseph Vascomi, Elizabeth Williams


Weldon Kees In Mexico, 1965 (pp. 7-8) By David Wojahn
The Right Address (pp. 9-21) By Frederick Busch
The Extinguishment (pp. 22-27) By John Engels
Evening In The Garden (p. 28) By Miklós Radnóti And Emery George
Punctual Poem About Dusk (pp. 29-30) By Miklós Radnóti And Emery George
Goats (pp. 31-32) By Miklós Radnóti And Emery George
On A Ray Of Winter Light (pp. 33-35) By George Seferis, Edmund Keeley And Philip Sherrard
Cape Cod Lullaby (pp. 36-49) By Joseph Brodsky And Anthony Hecht
Interview With Joseph Brodsky (pp. 50-68) By Joseph Brodsky, Eva Burch And David Chin
Maggie Alone (pp. 69-82) By Nicholas Delbanco
Sachertorte (p. 83) By Elizabeth Weber
The Light Of The Red Horse (pp. 84-86) By P. B. Newman
Coloring Margarine (pp. 87-88) By William Hathaway
The Woman, The Man, And Carmella (pp. 89-95) By Stephanie Gunn

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