Issue 39


Editor-in-Chief: S. K. Beringer
Assistant Editor: Lytton Smith
Advising Editor: Tiffany Noelle Fung
Layout Editor: Jennifer F. Estaris
Poetry Editors: Kristin Henley, Idra Rosenberg
Fiction Editors: Christopher Hacker, Molly Antopol Johnson
Nonfiction Editors: Kelly McMasters, Mackenzie Pitcairn
Art Editor: Quinn Latimer
Production/Managing Editor: S. K. Beringer
Assistant Poetry Editors: Subhashini Kaligotla, Lynne Potts, Yvette Siegert
Assistant Fiction Editors: Alena Graedon, Andrea Libin
Assistant Nonfiction Editor: Mary Phillips-Sandy
Assistant Art Editor: S. K. Beringer
Assistant Layout Editors: S. K. Beringer & Lytton Smith
Web Site Manager: Tami Fung
Poetry Board: S. K. Beringer, Tom Haushalter, Tom Hummel, Quinn Latimer, Ben Miller, Lytton Smith, Craig Teicher


Dark Roads (pp. 12-13) By Rebecca Wolff
Self Portrait In Froehlichia (p. 14) By Cynthia Cruz
The Report On Horses I (p. 15) By Cynthia Cruz
Seventy Times Seven (pp. 16-18) By Tracy K. Smith
Excerpt From “Everyone’s Pretty” (pp. 19-28) By Lydia Millet
Girl Loves Boy (pp. 29-43) By Gs Phillips
Borderlines (pp. 44-46) By Vénus Khoury-ghata And Marilyn Hacker
A Columbia Journal Interview
Columbia Interviews Robert Mezey (pp. 47-54) By Robert Mezey, Thomas Hardy And Lytton Smith
Hardy (p. 55) By Robert Mezey
Tea Dance At The Nautilus Hotel (1925) By (p. 56) By Robert Mezey And Donald Justice
Portraying Beauty: The Portrait Photographs Of Collier Schorr, Seydou Keïta, Joel Sternfeld, And Dawoud Bey (pp. I-xvi) By Collier Schorr, Seydou Keïta, Joel Sternfeld And Dawoud Bey
Arnica / Ambien / Absolution (p. 57) By Miranda Field
Pastoral With No Umbrella (p. 58) By Miranda Field
His Agenda (p. 59) By Timothy Donnelly
The Night Ship (pp. 60-61) By Timothy Donnelly
Dear Lucille (pp. 62-65) By Micah Perks
Two Days Gone (pp. 66-72) By Odie Lindsey
The Chair (pp. 73-74) By Heather Slomski
Excerpts From “your Time Has Come” (p. 75) By Joshua Beckman
Still Life With Occasional Remorse (p. 76) By Bridget Cross
Kicking Corporate Ass In The Foosball Arena (pp. 77-78) By Paul Killebrew

A Columbia Journal Interview
Columbia Interviews Camille Paglia (pp. 79-88) By Camille Paglia And Mary Phillips-sandy

“What She Could Do, Medea Did…” (p. 89) By Kathy Fagan
Letters To The Minor Prophet (pp. 90-91) By Becka Mara Mckay
Let It Loose (pp. 92-99) By Peter Christopher
Autumn In Rockford (pp. 100-108) By Katie Kirchoff
A Theory Of Spirals (p. 109) By Kimberly Meyer
Charles Darwin (p. 110) By Nikolai Oleinikov And Eugene Ostashevsky

2004 Contests
Without The Tie That Binds (pp. 112-125) By Teri Carter
Field’s Chromatography (pp. 126-128) By Kate Umans
Watching S. Rush By In A Fit Of Simultaneity (p. 129) By Derek Pollard
Walter Benjamin In Ibiza (pp. 130-136) By Paul Lafarge
The Poem As A Chasm (p. 137) By Maurice Manning
The Poem As A Bridge (p. 138) By Maurice Manning
Injury (p. 139) By Joan Houlihan

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