Issue 38


Editor-in-Chief: S.K. Beringer
Advising Editor: Tiffany Noelle Fung
Production Editor: S.K. Beringer & Angela Cardinale
Layout Editor: Jennifer F. Estaris
Managing Editor: Joanne Straley
Poetry Editors: Kristin Henley & Ida Rosenberg
Fiction Editors: Christopher Hacker & Molly Antopol Johnson
Nonfiction Editors: Angela Cardinale & Kelly McMasters & Mackenzie Pitcairn
Art Editor/ Cover Design: Quinn Latimer
Subscriptions Manager: Joanne Straley
Funding Manager: Aimee Walker
Web Site Manager: Tami Fung
Poetry Board: S K. Beringer, Farrah Field, Tiffany Noelle Fung, Quinn Latimer, Anna V.Q. Ross, Craig Teicher


Carl Philips/ The Lower Marshes & Landfall
Carolina Ebeid/ Agony Innermost Room
Michael Tyrell/ Labor Day, Circa 1980 & While Supplies Last
Alicia Ostriker/ Correspondence
Kathryn Maris/ After Visiting the Job Books
Sophie Cabot Black/ Summit & Ice on the Pond
Stacie Cassarino/ Blue Territory
Spencer Short/ Head of Elk & A is for Anathema
Penelope Cray/ Implant
Sam Witt/ If a Man Could Pass Through Paradise…
Jan Heller Levi/ About Lips I Am Not So Sure
Fritz Ward/ Parenthetical, Half-Dressed
Tom Thompson/ In Which We Find Ourself Cast… & Slipstream
Adam Day/ A Sunday Flood In Kentucky
Anthony Carelli/ Pilar
Melissa Range/ Prayer
David Semanki/ Katherine Mansfield to John Middleton Murry

Jenn Guitart/ My Family & Let’s Make Marks & What To Expect When You’re Expecting
Noy Holland/ Luckies Like Us
Gary Lutz/ Pulls
Jacob M. Appel/ The Magic Laundry

Allison Hoffman/ Rough and Tumble
Jessica Beagan/ 286 West Kennebec Road
Mary La Chapelle/ Authority of the Imagination
William Warner/ When I Was Young
Ben Patrick Johnson/ V8

Charles Christopher Hill
Rebecca Morales
Luke Whitlach
Carlee Fernandez

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