Issue 37


Editor-in-Chief: Tiffany Noelle Fung
Production Editor: S.K. Beringer
Layout Editor: Stephen Johnson
Managing Editor: Ryan Bartlemay
Poetry Editors: Ericka Pazcoguin & Anna V.Q. Ross
Fiction Editor: Morgan Beatty & Claire Gutierrez
Nonfiction Editor: Stephen Johnson
Art Editor/Cover Design: Quinn Latimer
Assistant Poetry Editors: Kristin Henley & Idra Rosenberg
Assistant Art Editor: Claire Gutierrez
Subscriptions Manager: Joanne Straley
Funding Manager: Aimee Walker
Web Site Manager: Tami Fung
Poetry Board: S.K. Beringer, Farrah Fleid, Quin Latimer, Joanne Straley, Craig Teicher, Aimee Walker
Fiction Board: Molly Johnson, Christopher Hacker, Michael Johnson, Mark Gindi, Farooq Ahmed, Alex Mindt, Jennifer Oh
Nonfiction Board: Kelly McMasters, MacKenzie Pitcairn, Jamie Pietras



Nadia Herman Colburn/Reunion & Then
Matthew Zapruder/ The Book of Oxygen
Beth Woodcome/ Sweden & Decadence
Peg Boyer/ Exile: Paraiso Tropical
Billy Collins/ Celebration
Ruth Stone/ Tell Me & Submission
Glyn Maxwell/ The Stay
Timothy Liu/ Antediluvian
Jean Valentine/ That I had Treated you Badly & The Grape & Before Angels
Anne Coray/ Vestiges
D.A. Powell/ [the ice hadn’t cracked, stingy….] & [robes and pajamas, steadfast…]
Karen Volkman/ Sonnet & Sonnet
Paolo Manalo/ Nihil Obstat & Still Life With Fallen Angel
Mark Wunderlich/ Tamed
Mary Quade/ Tractor
Tom Paulin/ An vollen Buschelzweigen
Brian Henry/ Scar & This Blueness Not All Blue
Joyce Sutphen/ Not Us & Annunciation
Suji Kwock Kim/ Resistance
Doris Umbers/ The Goose Egg
Anne Babson/ The Recounting of a Polite Occasion
Gareth Lee/ Old English Days
Emily Fragos/ Clasp & Noah & Alchemy
Kevin Pilkington/ Santorini
Martha Rhodes/ Ambassadors to the Dead
Oliver de la Paz/ My Dearest Regret
Kimiko Hahn/ Cuts from Zuihitsu on My Daughter & Cranberry Island Late Summer (’00)

Sam Lipsyte/ Captain Thorazine
Matthew Derby/ Gantry’s Last
Heidi Julavits/ The MacMillan Hair
Diane Williams/ Joint
Padgett Powell/ Confidence
Christine Schutt/ Isabel in the Bridge House
Lance Contrucci/ The Guide to Sumptuous Living


Joe Wenderoth/ The Summer Agony
Colette Brooks/ 24 Frames
David Shields/ Notes on the Local Swimming Hole
Thomas Beller/ The Toy Collector
Jeffrey Faas/ Five Years to Life
Nicholas Frank/ NXT. XRPTS


Ruth Stone/ Seventy Years of Poetry
Breyten Breytenbach/ “Let’s Survive”


Mark Milroy/ Daisy Dress & Elliot & Phone Call #3
Roz Leibowitz/ The Hare-Lip & My Milk Teeth & The Fall & A Woman Dreams
Yayoi Kusama/ Crowd & Infinity Nets—White Rain & Fireflies on the Water & Portrait of artist Yayoi Kusama reflected in Fireflies on the Water
Mark Bradford/ C’mon Short & Same Old Pimp & 20 minutes from any bus stop & Biggie, Biggie, Biggie
Robyn O’Neil/ Snow Scene & Diamond Leruso, Accident Victim & Runaway Lionel & Snow Scene

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