Issue 36


Editor-in-chief: J. Manuel Gonzales
Poetry Editors: Tiffany Noelle Fung & Joel Whitney
Fiction Editors: Julia Holmes & Christopher Swetala
Nonfiction Editor: Alex French
Managing Editor: Mark Binelli
Art Editor: Leland Pitts
Assistant Poetry Editors: Ericka Paszcoguin & Anna Ross
Assistant Fiction Editors: Morgan Beatty & Claire Gutierrez
Poetry Board: Eric Braunstein, Stefania Heim, Carolyn Hill-Bjerke, Flavia Rocha, Robin Schaer
Fiction Board: Farooq Ahmed, Elizabeth Angell, Ryan Bartelmay, Brad Crutchfield, Alex Cussen, Allyson Giard, Mark Gindi
Nonfiction Board: Elizabeth Entman, Stephen Johnson, Jennifer Shots, Scott Wolven



Ingrid De Kok/ The Archbishop Chairs the First Session & How to Mourn in a Room Full of Questions & The Transcriber Speaks
David Wagoner/ That Hunter
Scott Hightower/ Spring Sheering & Indian Summer & ’52 Maneuvers
Jane Hirshfield/ Flowering Vetch & Downed Branch
Jay Mancini/ Bowling Alone
Christina Pugh/ The Lady’s Slipper
Mark Doty/ The Bootblack
Melissa Monroe/ from Feux d’Artifice & On the Graphic Representation of Time & On the Analysis of the Metaphoric Impulse
Rabindranath Tagore/ from The Love of God & Three & Four & Five & Six
Peter Covino/ She Speaks to Me from Her Birthing of Waters of 1972
Eamon Grennan/ Egg & Was
Eugenio Montale/ The Coastguard House
Matthew Rohrer/ Homage to John Yau & “Disagreeable Object” (Homage to John Yau) & Third Homage to John Yau
Paula Friedman/ Undreaming Landscape
Mary Jo Salter/ Office Hours & The Big Sleep
Rachel Zucker/ from Eating in the Underworld & Diary (The Second Seed) & Diary (The Third Seed) & Diary (The Seventh Seed)
Ivan Junquira/ Estive Aqui & O Enterro Dos Mortos
Veronica Pasfield/ From the Home of Unwed Mothers
Richard Howard/ Silences


Richard Simon Chang/ Separated at Birth
Meredith Phillips/ Annals of an Eater
Nasdijj/ Touching Him
John F. Callahan/ The Making of Ralph Ellison’s Juneteenth
Lou Stovall/ Working with Jacob Lawrence
Lawrence Weschler/ Dark Garland/Affirming Flame


Bertram Ashe/ Passing as Danzy Senna
A Columbia Journal Interview/ Night talk: An Interview with John F. Callahan
A Columbia Journal Interview/ Goat Glanding: An Interview with Guy Maddin

Timothy Westmoreland/ Strong at the Broken Places
John McNally/ Men Who Love Women Who Love Men Who Kill
Marcelo Rioseco/ The Most Important Man in the City
Susan Steingberg/ Caught
Victoria Redel/ Stuff
John McManus/ Natcher Mountain
Anika Haynes/ Dreams of Skin
Arthur Bradford/ Radish
Gabe Hudson/ Those Were Yours Words Not Mine
Jonathan Safran Foer/ Not Cold, Not Ill at Ease or Alone
Holiday Reinhorn/ Last Seen
Jonathan Lethem/ Children with Hangovers
Paul Poissel/ from Les fairs d’hiver
Ed Park/ An Oral History of Atlantis


Amy Jean Porter/ from Birds of North America Misquote Hip-Hop and Sometimes Pause for Reflection & Thick-billed Murre & Scaled Quail & Northern Jacana & Buff-bellied Hummingbird
John Langford/ Johnny Cash on Sun & Dancing with Death & 6 Hanks
Jacob Lawrence/ The Burning & New York Transit I & New York Transit II & Revolt on the Amistad
Matt Cauley/ Morrocco & Inside & Ultraviolence
George Jenne/ She’s the Third to Go this Month & Mimi was the Fastest Little Woman in the World
Robin Vincent/ from Self-Portraits & Untitled & Untitled

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