Issue 35


Editor-in-Chief: Rangi McNeil
Production/Copy/Layout Editor: Meredith Hinshaw
Poetry Editors: Monica Ferrel, Richard Matthews
Prose Editors: Meredith Hinshaw, Scott Snyder
Art Editor: Tom Healy
Assistant Editor: Robin Schaer
Assistant Poetry Editor: Amanda Turner
Assistant Prose Editors: Manuel Gonzales, Julia Holmes, Christopher Swetala
Poetry Board: Jane Carr, Tiffany Fung, Ruth Levine, Laurel Maury, Ryan Murphy, Jodie Reyes, Robin Beth Schaer, Bob Swigert, Joel Whitney
Prose Board: Jane Carr, Kirsten Denker, Hillery Hugg, Michelle Maisto, Martha Schulman, Amy Shepherd


Karl Haendel, Untitled (2001) By Pencil On Paper (p. 11, 231) By Karl Haendel
Drones (pp. 12-13) By Nick Flynn
Blind Huber (p. 14) By Nick Flynn
Bluer Than The Pool (pp. 15-21) By Philip Ryan
Honeymoon In Varia (p. 22) By D. Nurkse
Anonymous Medieval Spanish Lyric Fragments (pp. 23-24) By D. Nurkse
The Womanless Wedding (pp. 25-38) By Elizabeth Mccracken
T.’s Letter (p. 39) By Nicola Gardini
Fish (in 13 Sections) By (pp. 40-48) By Eric Ozawa
Men Your Own Age (pp. 49-52) By Gary Lutz
The Refugee (p. 53) By Piotr Gwiazda
Two Motets (pp. 54-55) By J. D. Mcclatchy
Each Year I Grow Smaller (p. 56) By Deborah Landau
Pity For The World (pp. 57-67) By David Plante
The Disease Collector (p. 68) By Jason Schneiderman
Hook, Line, & Sinker (pp. 69-82) By Judy Budnitz
From “Black Series: Driving Home” (pp. 83-84) By Laurie Sheck
From “Black Series: The Mannequins” (pp. 85-86) By Laurie Sheck
Between The Poles Of Biting & Earnest: An Interview With George Saunders (pp. 87-99) By George Saunders And Matthew Derby
Rude Awakening (pp. 100-102) By Ai

Self Portrait As The Autumn Of The Red Hat (p. 104) By Joshua Poteat
Self Portrait As The Autumn I Have Lost (p. 105) By Joshua Poteat
Cold Snap (pp. 106-112) By Elizabeth Collins
Putting Away The Games (pp. 113-117) By Richard St. Germain
An Old Shrine (p. 119) By James Grinwis
From “the Maharaja’s Welcome” (p. 120) By Reetika Vazirani
The Triumph Of Laziness (p. 121) By Linda Pastan
The Fourth Day (pp. 122-124) By Agha Shahid Ali
Two Memories Of Fire (pp. 125-127) By Luisa Igloria
Glenn Horton (pp. 128-132) By Mike Albo
The Fudge Jungle (pp. 133-139) By Mike Albo
Lanolin (p. 140) By Wayne Koestenbaum
Essay On Libido (p. 141) By Wayne Koestenbaum
Movies Ending By The Sea (pp. 142-143) By Wayne Koestenbaum
My Husband’s Skin (pp. 144-154) By Kerry Hanlon
Rules Of Knockabout Comedians (pp. 155-159) By Elizabeth Mccracken
[illustrations] (pp. 161-192) By Bill Jacobson, Kara Walker, John Hallock, Tom Sachs, Nicole Eisenman, Richard Barnes, Nayland Blake, Stephen Barker, Sarah Lucas, Laylah Ali, Nan Goldin, Jack Pierson, David Bunn And Shirin Neshat
Exegesis: A World Gone Awry (pp. 194-197) By R. Flowers Rivera
Ars Poetica (p. 198) By Timothy Liu
Riding The Bull (p. 199) By Timothy Liu
From “Deep In The Shade Of Paradise” (pp. 200-207) By John Dufresne
Gulls (pp. 208-209) By James Lewisohn
Guernica (p. 210) By James Lewisohn
The Call (p. 211) By James Lewisohn
Basketball (p. 212) By James Lewisohn
How The Breck Girl Came To Be (pp. 213-215) By Paul Maliszewski And Paul Maliszweski
The Wedding Of The Breck Girl (pp. 216-223) By Paul Maliszewski And Paul Maliszweski
The Poppies (p. 224) By Hédi Kaddour And Marilyn Hacker
The End Of The Wine-harvest (p. 225) By Hédi Kaddour And Marilyn Hacker
The Mermaid Of Sag Harbor (p. 226) By John Surowiecki
Sea Grasses (p. 227) By Elisabeth Frost And Elizabeth Frost
Seven Objective Correlatives (p. 228) By Lucie Brock-broido
Portrait Of The Poet As Augustus Egg (p. 229) By Lucie Brock-broido

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