Issue 34


Editor-in-Chief: Monica Ferrell
Poetry Editor: Audra Epstein
Prose Editor: Treena Thibodeau
Arts Edtor: Max Fierst
Assistant Editor: Rangi McNeil
Executive Editor: Elizabeth Payne
Business Manager: Hilary Bachelder
Editorial Coordinator: Suzanne Dottino
Editorial Assistant: Rivka Bernstein
Poetry Board: Gaby Calvocressi, Paul Heiner, Patrick T. Masterson, Richard Matthews, Ryan Murphy, Laurel Maury
Prose Board: Denise Delgado, Margo Orlando, Kelly Zavotka



Mark Bibbins/ Just Yesterday & Intrusion
Max Winter/ Our Friend the Atom
Thomas Heise/ The Remainder
William Reichard/ Between One World and Another
Kay Rayan/ The Museum of False Starts & Your Face Will Stick & Agreement & Gaps & The Silence Islands
Debora Greger/ The Golden Horn
Amy Gerstler/ Witch Songs
Alfred Corn/ Coltrane’s “Equinox” & To A Lover Who Is HIV- Positive
Joshua Gunn/ For Billy Jack Gaither
W.S. Merwin/ Monologue
Susan Wood/ Book of Days & Emily Dickenson in Love
Amanda Turner/ Hungry Tigress Jataka & Meat Ravioli vs. Spaghetti Bolognese
Mark Conway/ Words Over Dinner & Life on the Prairie, Continued


Norah Labiner/ Decade
Joan Leegant/ Lucky in Love
Martin Cozza/ Moving Sidewalk, Talking Train
G.S. Phillips/ Love Ladies
Terese Svoboda/ Water
Eleanor Henderson/ Complications
K.L. Shelton/ Fig. 14
Elaine Tassy/ The Chipped Tooth
JoeAnn Hart/ Strays


Christiopher Shaw/ from Sacred Monkey River


Liz Alderman/ Grid Drawings
Todd Knopke/ b/w photographs
Chie Pueki/ Kiss
Adriana Arenas/ Carga y Descarga
Zoe Pettijohn/ Lace Mitosis

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