Issue 33


Editors-in-Chief: Max Fierst & Donald J. Modica
Poetry Editor: Audra Epstein
Prose Editor: Lillian Welch
Managing Editor: Hilary Houston Bachelder
Executive Editor: Treena Thibodeau
Poetry Assistant: Monica Farrell
Prose Assistant Nonfiction: Nell McCarthy
Editorial Coordinator: Suzanne Dottino
Production Manager: Rebecca Politzer
Prose Assistant Fiction: Kelly Zavotka
Assistant Executive Editor: Elizabeth Payne
Poetry Board: Gaby Calvocoressi, Paul Heiner, Patrick T. Masterson, Richard Matthews, Rangi McNeil, Ryan Murphy
Prose Board: Rivka Bernstein, Denise Delgado, Aaron Hawn, Tom Johnson, Bruce Kriegel, Margo Orlando, Jeremy Simon, Cynthia Thompson, Kamy Wicoff



Rebecca Wolff: Motion Picture Adaptation & The Sun in Winter
David Gruber/ Bildungsroman
Brian Teare/ Rules for the Telling
Marie Ponsot/ Crude Cabin, Exquisite Stillicide
Sophie Cabot Black/ End of Days & In Case of Rapture & And Morning Star & Omega
Carol Tufts/ Therefore Sarah Laughed & Leda on the Edge of the Millennium
Allison Eir Jenks/ The Prisoner
William Logan/ Nature & Weather & Jews
John O’ Connor/ My Drink With a Cow
Stephen Fitzpatrick/ Lullaby & Resurrecting the Fly
Brenda Shaughnessy/ Pluranova & Vessel
Nicky Beer/ My Stolen Macintosh & Shore Leavings
John Ashbery/ A Lot of Catching Up to Do & The Lyricist


Katherine Charriot Hou/ Learning Chinese
Donald Anderson/ The Peacock Throne
Jon Goldman/ Night in Athens
Heather Won Tesoriero/ Valley
JoAnn Tracy/ Birthday
Dan Liban/ Lemons
Alan Elyshevitz/ Father Figure
Gabriel Neruda/ Head

Professr Tricia Rose/ Art Technology and Race at the Millennium
Meredith Danluck/ Fashion, Art, and the Pleasure of an Imagined World
Danny Hoch/ The Possession of Danny Hoch


Andy Gersick/ Fantastic Planet


Sue Havens/ Screen, felt pen on paper & Times Squared, pencil and photography & Eyes, pencil and photography & Tree People and Wall, pencil and gouache on paper
John Hodany/ Squirrel, Oil on wood
Hee Jin Kang/ Mer Danluck & Face & Stroll & Dancer & Double
Mer Danluck/ Biodynamic & The Mothership & SOS (Spoony) & SOS (Spoony)(in sack) & Sal’s Uncle’s
Kim Jones/ Lincon Center & 303 Gallery ‘Water Bar’ ‘Dry Bud Balls’
Julian LaVerdiere/ Sign & Point of Purchase & Product/Icon & Staking Claim & Trinitite Exhibit & Hourglass Nitrogen Fountain & Hourglass & patent Model of Somnambulist’s Chair & Armillary Spehere
Brian Bellow/ Cartoons

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