Issue 32


Editor-in-Chief: Dave King and Nova Ren Suma

Poetry Editor: Gabriel Fried
Prose Editor: Lillian Welch
Managing Editor: Hilary Houston Bachelder
Editorial Coordinator: Michelle Montgomery
Poetry Assistant: Max Fierst
Design Assistant: Rebecca Politzer
Circulation Manager: Rafiq Kathwari
Web Site Manager: Barbara Kopeloff
Poetry Board: Audra Epstein, Paul Heiner
Prose Board: Suzanne Dottino, Sara Frank, Nalini Jones, Alec Michod, Donald J. Modica



William Snyder Jr/ SShadows of Dim and Bright
Alessandra Lynch/ Where I Live & The Sail the Wind Left Behind & Black Robe & Another Version of Insomnia
Nicholas Christopher/ from ‘1972’
Virgil Suarez/ La Malanguita
Noelle Rydell/ Scavengers
Scott Hightower/ Graffiti
Ioanna Carlsen/ Pornographic Movie
Eve Wood/ Mail Order Bride
Eileen Hennessy/ Situation of the Body
Patrick A. Rosal/ At the Water’s Edge & Igneous & Lazarus Duffy
Tony Hoagland/ Gift of Fire & Spring Lemonade
Janet McAdams/ The Grand Hotel
Eamon Grennan/ Dawn near Gurteen & When Letters Arrive & Lapwings in January
Martha Johnson/ Blue Sky white cloud yellow leaf red leaf why? * I am a saver
Shevaun Johnson/ The Dark
Jap Hopler/ Brief Meditation on a Certain Quality of Light
John Engels/ Adam After the Ice Storm & Eve and the July Garden
Bruce Bond/ Heaven & Babble
John Tagliabue/ Ruckus and Ragas Continuing
Aprin Bernard/ Another Man & English as a Second Language


John Smolens/ Cold
Peter LaSalle/ The Fall of Rhode Island
Laura Miller/ The Water Ballet
Ruth Hamel/ Powerline
Buzz Mauro/ Continuity
John Bonnel/ A Letter From Space


Mike Kelley & Tony Oursler/ from The Poetics Project


Tony Hoagland on Masculinity and Being an American Poet

Columbia’s Annual Contests:
Gina Ochsner, Fiction/ Cartography of a Heart
Gayle Elen Harvey, Poetry/ Hymn to the Moon

Special Section: Beyond Sportswriting: Spectatorship, Exhaustion, Competition

Scott Heiser/ Spectators & Portfolio of Event Photographs & Cheerleaders
Jamie Maxfield/ Above Average

Ross Gay/ The Hernia
William Sheldon/ Retrieving Old Bones
Kim White/ Duch
Aileen Grumbach/ Sudden Death
Martie McCleery Palar/ Black Frost & Then Blue
Thomas Michael McDade/ Main St. Bridge

Caryl Phillips/ Leeds United, Life, and Me
David Shields/ The Two Best Buildings in Iowa City
Fenton Johnson/ Basketball Days
Sarah Stonich/ Take Me Out

Leslie Pietrzyk/ What We All Want
Michael Doherty/ Love Match: Golden Gate Park
Tim Tomlinson/ Underwater
Daniel Borzutky/ So Many Things Going On At Once
Kiel Stuart/ Disaster Quarterback
James McManus/ Tauromachiad

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