Issue 31


Editors-in-Chief: Dave King and Nova Ren Suma
Poetry Editor: Gabriel Fried
Prose Editor: Dara Botvinick
Managing Editor: Hilary Houston Bachelder
Editorial Coordinator: Michelle Montgomery
Circulation Manager: Rafique Kathwari
Production Manager: Barbara Kopeloff
Poetry Assistant: Max Fierst
Prose Assistant: Lillian Welch
Poetry Board: Laurence Alexander, Audra Epstein, Paul Heiner, Daniel Wood
Prose Board: Lauren Grodstein, Alec Michod, Donald Modica, David Murphy, Catherine Quayle, Rebecca Politzer, Laura Zinn-Fromm



Kimberly Johnson/ Below Mt. Nebo & Strung & Angling & Helper
Marie Ponsot/ Quick It Can & Wild
Martha Zweig/ Ducks & Caper
Sybil Kollar/ Skirting the Demons
Alexandra Socarides/ Good Country People, Revised & Going Blind
Stephan McLeod/ The Goldberg Variations & Chronic
Diane Mehta/ The Russian Émigré & The Happiness of Black Umbrellas
Kevin Pilkington/ Taxi Ride

Stephen Dixon/ The Phone
Charlotte Holmes/ Refrigerator
Michele Herman/ Love and Ethical Culture
Pamela A. Moses/ A Very Small Woman
Debra Levy/ Museum Pieces

Special Section: Reinventions: A New Look at Fairy Tales, Legends, Parables & Fables


Jennifer Carr/ Green Grass: A Fable
Jennie Litt/ A Fable
Jeanette Winterson/ The Three Friends
David Marshall Chan/ from Memoirs of a Boy Detective
Aimee Bender/ Elsa Minor
James Penha/ Dust and Stone
Mary O’Connel/ Saint Catherine Laboure
Kurt Hoffman/ The Giant


Margaret Shipley/ Sunrise
Deborah Larsen/ A Gloss on Cats in Exodus
Stephen Cushman/ The Woman Taken in Adultery
Jeff Friedman/ Orpheus in Williamsburg
Sarah Van Arsdale/ Chorion and the Pleiades
Laurence Snydal/ Grandmother
Felicia Mitchell/ Venus of Meadowview & Nudist Lady with Swan Sunglasses
Annete Sloan/ Calamity Jane
Charles Harper Webb/ Rat Defeated in a Landslide
Yojo (Amy Shaw)/Ragnarock


Neil Gaiman/ Reflections on Myth
Richard Howard/ Gifts of the Gods


Deborah Edmeades/ (Self Portrait) The Artist at Home & (Self Portrait) The Artist at Home
Lisa Yuskavage/ Kathy and Elisabeth #1 & Kathy and Elisabeth #2 $ Kathy and Elisabeth & Laura and Shrink
Colin Hunt/ The Rain Machine


Novelist Nick Moody on Hawthorne and the Black Veil

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