Issue 30


Editors-in-Chief: Ellen Umasky, Niel Azevedo
Prose Editor: Diana Wetherall Katz
Poetry Editor: Shayne Beschta
Managing Editor: Sally Hurst
Production Editor: Maxwell Watman
Associate Prose Editors: Paul McRandle, James Zug
Associate Editors: Nova Ren Suma, Fris Cory
Advertising Manager: Gabriel Fried
Prose Board: Hilary Bachelder, Dara Botvinick, Christina Chiu, Lee Gillette, Jenna Kalinsky, Catherine Quayle, Fin Keegan, Dave King, Kathleen Lawton, Michelle Montgomery
Poetry Board: Daniel Wood, Lawrence Alexander


Broken (pp. 10-26) By Ha Jin
The Cage (p. 27) By Jenny Benjamin
Come Clean (pp. 28-29) By David Baker
The Mimosa (pp. 30-33) By David Baker
Blood Sugar (pp. 34-35) By Kandie St. Germain
Dear Madame, Dear Sir—a Found Poem (p. 36) By Susan Thomas
Three Cities (pp. 37-38) By John Voiklis
Three Houses (pp. 39-40) By John Voiklis
Death’s Door (pp. 41-56) By Peter Rock
Paxos Women (p. 57) By Edward Mccrorie
Vandals, Bees (pp. 58-59) By Alan Michael Parker
Even Older, The Vandals (pp. 60-61) By Alan Michael Parker
Another Poem About The Vandals (p. 62) By Alan Michael Parker
The Sword-swallower Pines For His Ex-wife, The Fire-eater (p. 63) By Michael Hudson
Festival (p. 64) By Siobhan Reagan
What Did You Bring Me? (pp. 65-67) By Terese Svoboda
Transylvania (pp. 68-69) By Dianne Stannish
The Names Of Things (pp. 70-71) By Beth Ann Fennelly And Beth Ann Fennely
Manifest Of A Boat Leaving On The Eve Of The 3rd Millennium (p. 72) By Albino Carrillo
In The House Of Blue Light (p. 73) By John E. Smelcer
Animal Spirits (p. 74) By John E. Smelcer
Disparates (pages 72-74) By (pp. 75-76) By Göran Sonnevi And Rika Lesser
Smoke (pp. 77-78) By Hugh Steinberg
Medusa Tries Squid (p. 79) By Joanne Lowery
Medusa Chooses Sky (p. 80) By Joanne Lowery
Medusa Pitched (p. 81) By Joanne Lowery

Special Section: Literature And Film
Novels Versus Films: Take One (pp. 84-85) By James Schamus
Writers On The Film Adaptations Of Their Work: Déjà Vu (pp. 86-94) By
three On A Couch: Jerry Lewis Adjusts (pp. 96-104) By Phillip Lopate
A Knife In The Heart (pp. 105-108) By Scott Spencer
“The Last Of Mr. Norris” (pp. 110-112) By Christopher Isherwood
“The Last Of Mr. Norris” From A Screenplay Based On The Novel By Christopher Isherwood (pp. 113-117) By Andrew Marcus
Wish You Were Here (pp. 119-135) By Graham Hewson
North Pole (pp. 136-137) By Robert Lunday
Tenth Avenue (pp. 138-139) By Robert Lunday
Elegy (p. 140) By Jesse Lee Kercheval
The Star Of Junior High (pp. 141-142) By Martha Kinney
The Parking Garage Roof, Fourth Of July (p. 143) By Martha Kinney
Communing With Mother Nature On Mount Washington: “i Walk Alone”: A Woman’s Journal Of Solitude On Her Ascent (p. 144) By Martha Kinney
Tattoo (pp. 145-146) By Tony Hoagland
Drunk (pp. 147-148) By Tony Hoagland
For Someone Else (p. 149) By Mark Bibbins
Shadows 1951 (pp. 151-157) By Marvin E. Newman
Order Of Business (pp. 158-162) By Cormac Maccárthaigh
Genre Scene (pp. 163-164) By Kathryn Maris
Old Men (pp. 165-170) By Kathryn Maris
The Goldfish (pp. 171-184) By Doris Dörrie And Gustav A. Richar
Boy Leading A Horse (p. 185) By Martin Mooney
Poem Beginning With A Line From James Merrill (pp. 186-187) By Steve Langan
The Domestic, #1 (p. 188) By Evelyn Lau
The Sadness Of Desire (p. 189) By Teri Grimm
Squid Town, Korea (pp. 190-192) By Cathy Hong
Petit Manan (p. 193) By Robert Farnsworth
Ancient Civilizations Of The Southwest Calendar For July (pp. 194-195) By Donald Levering
Icicle (p. 196) By Donald Levering
Morning Service (p. 197) By David Larzelere
Three Mile Island (p. 198) By Molly Mcgrann And Molly Mcgran

Columbia Talks With Muriel Spark (pp. 199-214) By Muriel Spark And Sarah Smith

Annual Competition
The Other Realm (pp. 217-224) By Lara Stapleton
The Thorne Rooms (pp. 225-230) By Bobbie Brown

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