Issue 3


Editor: Deborah Gimelson
Managing Editors: Aaron Fischer & Tiffant Fliss
Assistant Editor: Allison Hunter
Poetry Editor: Robert Farnsworth
Fiction Editor: Keith Monley
Design Editor: Theresa Sweeny
Production Editors: Robb Aley Allan, director &Elizabeth Denton & Arlene Fields
Advertising: Jeanne Yeasting
Distribution: Harvey Lillywhite & Eilen Silver Lillywhite

Poetry Board: Deborah Boe, Eva Burch, David Chin, Rosetta Cohen, Kate Daniels, Donna Dorian, Mark Fisher, Matthew Flamm, Charlotte Holmes, Kate Kilbane, Joe Landers, Harvey Lillywhite, Eileen Silver Lillywhite, John Malkemes, Loren Michaels, Magdaline Quinlan, Jeanne Yeasting

Fiction Board: Patrick Arnold, Kathleen Baum, Julia Bollinger, James Boyle, Robin Cohen, Elizabeth Denton, Stephanie Gunn, Erik Hedegaard, Judy Lopatin, Deborah Tashjian, Karen Tsakos

Staff: Kathy Chin, Patricia Dunnington, Nicholas Gattuccio, Stephen Glass, Patricia Harlow, Michael Loffredo, Laureen Mar, Michael Roney, John Ward, Dorothy Wigmore, Janet Young, Richard Zinober



Robert Taylor, Jr./ Union Street
Elaine Ford/ Whin
Richard Hensley/ The Antique Buyer
Ursule Molinaro/ The Chemistry of Miracles


Rod Jellema/ Cutting Paper with Matisse
Richard Speakes/ Scrimshaw
Carl Little/ Water Lilly & An Ascent into February
Rosanna Gamson/ Changing Weather
Cleopatra Mathis/ Journey in the Snow Season
Dennis Schmitz/ Building on Farmer Creek
Stephanie Strickland/ Lives of the Saints
Richard Jones/ Writing Poetry on Black Paper
Jane Miller/ The Heart Climbs Devilishly Back in the Body; or, Field of Red Thistles
Mark O’Donnel/ The Diner
Albert Goldbarth/ Math Song
Terese Svoboda/ Arbor Day
Robert Carnevale/ In the Long Room
James Brasfield/ The Stringer
Joe Donahue/ Returning

Interview: Aaron Fischer and Deborah Gimelson/ An Interview with Czeslaw Milosz

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