Issue 29


Editor-in-Chief: Gregory Cowles
Executive Editor: Amy Shafron
Managing Editor: Ellen Umnsky
Poetry Editors: David Semanki & Tracy Smith
Prose Editor: Elizabeth Hickey
Assistant Managing Editor: Bailey Foster
Circulation Manager: Diana Wetherall Katz
Production Manager: Maxwell Watman
Prose Assistant: Dan Collins
Editorial Board: Neil Azevedo, Shayne Beschta, Emmeline Chang, Tina Chang, Todd Rowley


Said Shirazi/ Tranquility
Tim Melley/ Outlaws
Mary Gordon/ Rosecliff
Jason Brown/ Detox


Revan Schendler/ Spinning Yarns

With writer Lorrie Moore


Seeing the Unseen: A Group Show with an introduction by Candace Perich
Bernice Abbot
Walter Chappell
Harold Edgerton
Albert Richards


Brett Foster/ Before the Burbank Reunion
Yen Chen/ On The Willow Bank
Tu Fu/ Moonlight Night
Tu Mu/ Easing My Heart
Arthur Sze/ Hourglass
Hugh Steinberg/ Expected Utility Maximizers & Tucson
Albert Goldbarth/ One of Them Speaks & Twentieth Century
Ben Downing/ The Sideways Medusa
Karen Volkman/ Untitled & Betrayal & Untitled
Linda Gregg/ The White Bulls of Heaven & Always Mistaken & God Singing & Alone with the Goddess & The Old Songs
Regie Cabico/ Hansel Tells Gretel of the Witch & Mango Poem
David Yezzi/ On a Mandarin Inscription
Joan Dalin/ October & Building & The Snow Queen
Karen Anderson/ Last Summer at Home
Jim Beschta/ Waiting for Horses & Self Portrait
Daniel Kunitz/ Vita Umbratillis
John Foy/ Party on the Boat
Mark Doty/ Fog Suite

Literature and Art from Russia:

David Remnick/ The Myth of the Great Russian Writer
Nina Kossman/ Spring, 1941
Svetlana Vasilenko/ Gopher & Poplar
Marina Tsvetaeva/ 5 Poems
Yevgeny Khaldei/ Photgraphy

Winter Contest:
Linda Barnhart/ The Winner’s Circle
Margaret Rabb/ The Long and the Short of It

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