Issue 28


Editor-in-Chief: Lori Sunderlind
Executive Editor: Gregory Cowles
Managing Editor: Amy Shafron
Poetry Editors: David Semanki & Tracy Smith
Prose Editor: Elizabeth Hickey
Assistant Managing Editor: Bailey Foster
Circulation Manager: Diana Wetherall Katz
Special Events: Sally Hurst
Grants Coordinator: Ellen Umansky
Production Manager: Emmeline Chang
Prose Assistant: Dan Collins
Graphic Designer: John Emerson
Editorial Board: Neil Azavedo, Shayne Beschta, Tina Chang, Mary Rothwell Davis, Meg Giles, Bryant Palmer


Special Sections:

Turning Points:
Wendy Wasserstein
Jim Shepard
Madelaine Blais
Arthur Miller
Joan Didion

Writing from Prison:

Rosanna Warren/ Introduction
Michael Wayne Hunter/ Sam
Katherine Alice Power/ Precious Pleasures
J.L. Wise Jr. No Brownstones, Just Alleyways and Corner Pockets Full
Benjamin Laguer/ Serpants of the Heart, Angels of the Soul
Susan Rosenberg/ Memoir: The Airlift

A Tribute to Joseph Brodsky

With Susan Sontag, Mark Strand, Tatyana Tolstaya and Derek Walcott

Academy of American Poets: College Prize Winners

Kristin W. Lee/ Order Ecstasy God Angel
Sue Kwock Kim/ Nocturne
AV Christie/ Remedy & Camp Holiday & Belongings
Matthew Brogan/ The Sexual Benefits of Upright Walking & The End of Empire
Matthew Rohrer/ Beautiful Things & The Amaranth & Record of Boats
Eric Gamalinda/ Letters to Theo & The Afterlives of Saints & The Book of the Dead, Revised for the Skeptical Reader & The Naming of Trees
Nina Bogin/ The Plateau & Thicket
Judy Michael/ Somewhere in the Forest of Wild Hands
Reetika Vazirani/ Nikos of Caravy Street & Love Cycles
Dzvinia Orlowsky/ Outside & Pleasant City, Ohio & Turnpike Vending Machine
Barbara Tran/ Afterwards
Amanda Schaffer/ Hebrew School
Barbara Hamby/ Wart
William Trowbridge/ Your Demons
Myra Shaprio/ The Knowledge That I Have & Everything in the Garden
Robert Wrigley/ On An Island In The River After A Flood
Art Homer/ Summer 1992, Sarpy County & Without Demur
George Looney/ The Drama of the Human Body
Diann Blakely Shoaf/ Chorale
Martha Rhodes/ Disguised & Destined & Two Ghosts


Lisa Glatt/ Waste
Michael W. Cox/ Oak Park, Illinois
Marian Ryan/ Mrs. Gomez Says


Michael Lowenthal/ Snapshots of an AIDS Virgin
Andrew Schwartz/ Partings

Richard Rothman
Patrick O’ Hare

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