Issue 27


Editor-in-Chief: Lori Suderlind
Executive Editor: Jennifer Lucas
Managing Editor: Gregory Cowles
Poetry Editors: Jennifer Franjlin & Elizabeth Stein
Prose Editor: Ken Foster
Art Directors: Rebecca D’ Alise & Aurora West
Assistant Prose Editor: Elizabeth Hickey
Graphic Design: Bryant Palmer
Circulation Manager: Kevin Roth
Editorial Board: Gregory Donovan, Steve Glazer, Martha Guild, Myronn Hardy, David Semanki, Sam Shores, Amy Silna, Tracy Smith, Rae Vukovich



Michael S. Manley/ A History of Broken Laws
Jan Meissner/ Placedo Junction
Sheila Kohler/ On the Money
Elizabeth Graver/ A Place Not There
Josh Harmon/ Saved From the World

Special Section:
Liliana Ursu/ Ancient and Beautiful as the Mist & Diana’s Shadow & Evening After Evening & Blues & From the Angel’s Window & Unforgetting & Spring Circumstance & Way of the Stars & The Key to Mystery & Number IX & Heirophany & Comic Tunnel, Dialogue of Body and Soul
Kobo Abe/ Hand
Gwyneth Lewis/ Whose coat is that jacket? & Whose hat is that cap?

Poetry from the East:
Elizabeth Macklin/ The Secret Note You Were & Handed by Lorca
Samn Stockwell/ Perihelion
David Lehman/ When a Woman Loves a Man
Leslea Newman/ The Return of Buddy & Still Life With Buddy
Terese Svoboda/ At the Castle
William Logan/ Thunderstorm & Slugs
Judith Baumel/ Hot
Charles North/ As Moonlight Becomes You
Susan Wheeler/ Oldest Psalter & Sleeping Sister
Jean Monahan/ The Concert
Marie Howe/ Late Morning & The First Gate & One of the Last Days
Laurie Sheck/ White Light & Black Night & The Harbor Boats

Poetry from the West:
Linda Bierds/ The Breaking-Aways & Shawl: Dorothy Wordsworth at Eighty
Kay Ryan/ Weakness and Doubt & Failure & Drops in the Bucket
James Reiss/ Lowland Level
Nance Van Winckle/ Cutting Lentils
Kim Addonizio/ Prayer
Daniel Tobin/ At the Egyption Exhibit
Nin Andrews/ How You Lost Your Red Hat
Scott C. Cairns/ Yahweh’s Image
Beth Gylys/ How I was
Natalie Kusz/ After Bedtime & Letter to David, My Father’s Best Friend


Tom Perrotta Bumping Into Klaus: A Cold War Encounter

An interview with curators: Bronwyn Keenan and Meg Linton

Comics and Cartoons:
Leslie Sternbergh
James Romberger, Marguerite Van Cook
Alison Bechdel
Edward Koren
Bruce Eric Kaplan

With noverlist Lisa Shea and screenwrite James Bosleye

Winter Competition:

Michelle Mitchell- Foust/ Five Songs for a Psalmist
Jason Brown/ Halloween

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