Issue 24/25


Editors-in-Chief: Nick Schaffzin, Sylvia Foley
Art Director: Sylvia Foley
Fiction Editors: Susan Perry, Caitlyn O’Neil
Poetry Editors: Mary Jo Bang, Kymberly Taylor
Nonfiction Editors: Read Gildner-Blinn, James M. Stubenrauch
Circulation: Jennifer Lucas
Advertising: Chris Langworthy
Production Coordinator: Peter Graham
Editorial Board: Melissa Castleman, Rebecca D’Alise, Ken FOster, Jennifer Franklin, Tom Fugalli, Amanda Gersh, Peter Granam, Chris Langowrthy, Jennifer Lucas, Kim Mattson, Mike McGregor, Justin Peacock, Will Ross, Kevin Roth, Aaron Scharf, Molly Shapiro, Lori Soderlind, Paige St. John, Elixabeth Stark, Elizabeth Stein, Elizabeth Weaver


Chateau Bungalows (p. 9) By Katherine Swiggart
Excerpt From “the Invisible Circus” (pp. 10-22) By Jennifer Eagan
Informing On A Couple Unknown Guys (p. 23) By Leszek Szaruga And W.d. Snodgrass
A Single Subatomic Event (pp. 24-25) By Maureen Seaton
When I Wore A Garter Belt (p. 26) By Maureen Seaton
Ripening (p. 27) By Cheryl Derby
Listen To The Wind: Excerpt From “a Beginner’s Faith In Things Unseen” (pp. 28-35) By John Hay
Though Not Admonished Of Your Intentions In Words (p. 36) By Jane Miller
Adventures Aplenty Lay Before You (p. 37) By Jane Miller
Missal (p. 38) By Donald Revell
Psalter (p. 39) By Donald Revell
Red Rover Excerpt From “rule Of The Bone” (pp. 40-48) By Russell Banks
Notes From A Handcart, Heading Downhill (and Up) By (pp. 49-57) By Geoffrey Wolff
Scraps From A Cartoonist’s Dreambook (p. 58) By Art Spiegelman
Hamlet In The Wild West (pp. 59-62) By Julian Barnes
Cabot’s Tune (pp. 63-64) By David Herrstrom
Lullaby (p. 65) By Rita Dove
His Wife (p. 66) By Barbara Helfgott Hyett
Received At The Old Windmill (pp. 67-68) By Charles B. Wheeler
What The Grimm Girl Looks Forward To (pp. 69-70) By Hayley R. Mitchell
Brilliant Disguise (pp. 71-85) By David Marshall Chan
Desire (p. 86) By Yvette Christiansë
The Crying Game (pp. 87-93) By Tory Dent And Geoff Stephens
From The Defeat Of Linear Thinking (pp. 94-95) By Tory Dent
[illustrations By Dan Powell] (pp. 96-99) By Dan Powell
[illustrations By Joann Frank] (pp. 100-103) By Joann Frank
Circulation (pp. 104-114) By Rick Moody
Snowtown (p. 115) By Phyllis Stowell
Notes On A Brainwashing An Excerpt From “in Love With Daylight” (pp. 116-144) By Wilfrid Sheed
See It Does Rise (p. 145) By April Bernard
The Wise Word, The Good Word (p. 146) By April Bernard
Very Moment (p. 147) By Brenda Hillman
Autumn Continued (p. 148) By Brenda Hillman
The Dancing Mariner (pp. 149-154) By Richard Holmes
The Cherry Tree (p. 155) By Jeffrey Greene
The Threat (pp. 156-157) By Denise Duhamel
The Other Daughter (pp. 158-170) By Antonya Nelson
Untitled (p. 171) By Lucille Clifton
Envoi (pp. 172-173) By Charles Wright

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