Issue 21


Editors: Joshua Sinel & Darlene Gold
Fiction Editors: James B. Lee & Airie Dekidjiev
Poetry Editors: Heather Winterer & Christina Thompson
Managing Editor: Nicholas R. Schaffzin
Nonfiction Editors: John Reed & David Buchbinder

Editorial Board:

Jonathan Ames, Berit Anderson, Eric Barnes, Melissa Clark, Andrew Cozine, Carolyn Cramer, Nicole Greaves, Scott Hightower, Nancy Madia, Jeffrey Mamera, Brad Parsons, Sandra Riley, Kenneth Saji, Nicholas Schaffzin, Derek Schelps, Jonathan Simon, Garth Twa, John Voiklis, Louise White, Jean Witter



Madison Smartt Bell/ Confession
A Manette Ansay/ Risk
R.E. Miller/ Epiphanies
Kerry Hudson/ Meryl & Me: A Performance Piece
Michael Delp/ Hockey
Lisa Fetchko/ The First Blow
Kellie Wells/ Blue Skin
Ken Kalfus/ City of Spies
Elizabeth Logan Harriss/ Curing


Robert Pinsky/ Canto XXI- The Inferno of Dante Algierhi
Heather McHugh/ Close to Yclept & Unbroken Water
Richard Becker/ Lagoon On The James & Driving To Santa Fe
Lise Goett/ Donna De Casa
Jodi Varon/ Three Poems by Li He & Written Under Mt. Hua & A Song From memory & The Joys of Youth
Jennifer O’Grady/ The Miraculous Draft of Fishes
Karl Tierney/ Mission Dolores
Les A. Murray/ Crankshaft
Alfred Corn/ Canto XXX
Rita Gabis/ Washing Beans
George Keithley/ Dusk

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