Issue 2


Editor: Meryl Johnson
Managing Editor: Cleopatra Mathis
Design Director: William Hughes
Poetry Editors: Allison Funk, Robert Farnsworth
Fiction Editor: Mark Teich
Distribution: Deborah Gimelson, Stephanie Gunn
Advertising: Kelly Ivie
Production Editors: Tiffany Fliss, Jess Gordon, Robin Schwarz
Editorial Staff: Patrick Arnold, Celeste Conway, Charles Fergusson, Allison Hunter, Liz Inness-Brown, Judy Lopatin, Martin Maher, Keith Monley, Irene Papoulis, Edward Pell, Thomas Vitale, Martha Webster
Production Staff: Aaron Fischer, Donna Haupt, Joseph Knopf, Loren Michals, M. E. Prendergast, Theresa Sweeney


Stages Of A Man Waking In The Afternoon (pp. 2-3) By Sherod Santos
Ode To The Brown Paper Bag (p. 4) By James Galvin
PG (pp. 5-12) By Will Baker
The Eclipse (p. 13) By Donna Dorian
Lines From The Private Eye (pp. 14-15) By Carol Muske
Moonlighting At The Embalmer’s Parlor (pp. 16-17) By Carol Muske
The Red Sea (p. 18) By Deborah Boe
November Morning (pp. 19-24) By Joyce Carol Oates
When You Leave (p. 25) By Kimiko Hahn
Obon Odori (p. 26) By Kimiko Hahn
Dance Instructions For A Young Girl (p. 27) By Kimiko Hahn
Photo Of Women Plowing (circa 1850) (p. 28) By Carol Ann Russell
Grace Paley Interview (pp. 29-39) By Celeste Conway, Elizabeth Innes-brown, Laura Levine, Keith Monley, Mark Teich And Grace Paley
Naming The Animals (pp. 40-41) By John Engels
Facing Wind (p. 42) By Jane Bailey
Learning The Language (pp. 43-57) By Stephen Koch
Revisiting The Grave (pp. 58-59) By John Engels
Apollo In The Defeated Town (pp. 60-61) By Edwin Honig
Alcestis (pp. 62-63) By Maura Stanton
Continuum (p. 64) By Laurie Sheck
Jimmy The Crow (pp. 65-74) By Keith Monley
Thanksgiving Day (p. 75) By Jack Myers
Breath (p. 76) By Maura Stanton
The Late Halcyon Days Between Wars: 1932 (pp. 77-79) By Norman Dubie
A New World (p. 80) By Bartolo Cataffi, Brian Swann And Ruth Feldman
The Milk-glass Chicken (pp. 81-93) By Anthony E. Stockanes

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