Issue 18/19


Editors: Jennifer Heiny & Katherine Richardson
Poetry Editor: Darlene Gold
Nonfiction Editor: Eric P. Elshtain
Fiction Editors: James B. Lee & Joshua Sinel
Managing Editor: Paulina Borsook
Assistant Nonfiction Editor: Sara Powers

Editorial Board:
Ruth Ades, Jeffrey Berg, Robert Bingham, Airie Dekidjiev, Erin Donovan, Tracie Fetters, Jeffrey Goldstone, Sharon Guskin, Christine Hume, Mia Kanzaki, Roland Kelts, Maria Lee, Jonathan Leff, Gretchen Maddox, Bruce Morrow, John Reed, Sandra Riley, Jane Schumate, Vivian Slee, and Christina Thompson



Pinckney Benedict/ Bank Examiners
Daniel Wallace/ Beautiful, Faithful Asian Ladies Seek Friendship/Marriage
Mary O’Connell/ Boxing Day
David Klein/ Notes on Writing the Death of My Father
Josip Novakovich/ Alternatives
Meghan Daum/ The Occupants
Michael G. Casey/ Messrs. Trimble and Cluestar
Robert Kunkle/ Gramps Oft Quipped
Karla J. Kuban/ Twisted
Richard Burgin/ Private Fame
Tom Ryan/ D.S. al fine
Ronald Alexander/ A Seasoned Traveler
Megan Macomber/ The Molly Chapter: A Model Girlhood
Sam Halpert/ In the Blood
Barry Stolz/ Treasure Chest of Fun
Pinckney Benedict/ Squeaky

Eavan Boland/ On Religion and Poetry
Barton Midwood/ By Way of a Reply to the Question
Eric Elshtain/ A Conversation with Denis Johnson
Jack Hitt/ Preface to the Second Edition
Mary Ann Glendon/ Les Letters Inedites de Marie- Therese Le Vasseur


David Kirby/ The Possum Boyfriend
Henri Cole/ Three Aurelian Moons
Dana Levin/ Speakers Are the Souls of Babies
Michael Egan/ Letter to Rosanne
Debora Greger/ The White Hands of Isolde & The Dictionary of Silence
David Trinidad/ It
George Spiro/ Chickenhead: A Play
Elisabeth Frost/ My Mother Made Us Smoke
Jason Shinder/ Once Before the Ocean & The Storm, After
Ricardo Pau-Llosa/ Fidelio
Nicholas Christopher/ The Recording Angel & May Day, 1992
Matthew Lippmann/ Saints & The Country Has No Lights
Michael Snider/ Pantown
Albert Goldbarth/ Forever Half-Done

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