Issue 17



Editors: Paul Gediman & David Elliott Kidd
Managing Editor: Louisa C. Brinsmade
Poetry Editors: Richard Dock & Sarah Kennedy
Fiction Editors: Thomas Beller & Steve Hill
Nonfiction Editor: Philip Gourevitch
Benefit Chairs: Katherine Heiny & Jennifer Richardson
Assistant Nonfiction Editor: Eric Elshtain

Editorial Board:

Valerie Block, Paulina Borsook, Melissa Boyce, Pamela Christman, Sarah Collings, Carolyn Cramer, Elizabeth Crowell, Kristi Dalven, Darlene Gold, Jeffrey David Goldstone, Jeffrey Grossman, Stephanie Hart, James B. Lee, Lynn McGovern, Frank Meola, Suzanne Osmun, Deborah Schwartz, Joshua Sinel, Karin Yapalater


Dennis Johnson/ The Road from Here to Mars
Justin Martin/ Nathan at Large
Abigail Thomas/ Sisters
Daniel Stern/ The Man With The Blue Guitar by Wallace Stevens: a story
Bob Szuter/ Edwina
Jill Wacker/ Come Back Here
Jessica Neely/ Winter Wonderland
Chris Fuhrman/ from The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys


Regan Good/ Peacock as Divinity
William Matthews/ Babe Ruth at the End & Driven
Nicholas Christopher/ The Morning of the Funeral
Dolores Kendrick/ The Ingestion of Birds (For Davis Hammond)
Julie Hanson/ Hurdle
Henri Cole/ Tarantula
Deborah Digges/ We Are Light We Are Nothing Blessed & Cleopatra’s Funeral Gown
Edward Nobles/ Longing
David Craig Austin/ The Long Night Through & Small Brazilian Geode


Philip Gourevitch/ A Conversation with Russell Banks
Stanislaw Baranczak/ Memory: Lost, Retrieved, Abused, Defended
Ivan Gold/ Mneme
Vera Schwarcz/ Mingled Voices: On Writing My Father’s Memoirs
Philip Gourevitch/ A Conversation with Harold Brodkey


David Elliot Kidd/ The Art of Susan Leopold
Susan Leopold/ Six Panels

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