Issue 15


Editor: Stephen Morrow
Managing Editor: Christine Markowski
Poetry Editor: Lisa Rhoades
Fiction Editors: Paul Gediman & Elizabeth Thomas
Benefit Chair: Kenneth Jennison
Nonfiction Editor: David Elliot Kidd
Assistant Poetry Editors: Richard Dock & Stan Friedman
Distribution Manager: Louisa Brinsmade
Art Editors: Sarah Kennedy & Gabrielle Frahm

Editorial Board:
Aldo Alvarez, Thomas Beller, Mark Caughey, Elizabeth Cohen, James Conrad, Jones Cullinan, Amanda Filipacchi, Aimee Garn, Philip Gourevitch, Jeffrey Grossman, Katherine Heiny, Elizabeth Hill, Steven Hill, Michael Hochberh, Caroline Koeppel, Mark Mills, Rebecca Moore, Tania Moore, Gregory Nelles, Jennifer Richardson, Hal Strickland


Steven Hartman/ from Bring Out the Thunder
Steven Barthelme/ Coachwhip
D.C. Ellis/ Wolf
Peter Cameron/ The Near Future
John McNally/ The Greatest Goddamn Thing
Peter Halfar/ Wilkinson & Life’s Crowning Moment
Elizabeth Grove/ Spuyten Duyvil
Bev Jafek/ Schrodinger’s Cat


Martha Serpas/ M is for the Many & Chase
Kely Cherry/ Alzheimer’s & Bubbling
Trish Rucker/ Origins
Yannis Ritsos/ from Repetitions
Honor Moore/ New Haven, 1969
Frances Kuffel/ The Late Show
Sandra Alcosser/ Pole Boat at Honey Island & Music for the Dark Earth/Fiddling for Worms
Ralph Black/ Slicing Ginger
Barbar Fritchie Hart/ The Legacy
Lind A. Frost/ From What I’ve Heard About Alaska
Ann Keniston/ What Reason
John Wagner/ The Kallima Butterfly
James Doyle/ The Pond
Catherine Sasanov/ Demolitions V
Howard Levy/ Sagaponack
Christopher Merrill/ from Luck


Lisa M. Fleischman/ Nine Lessons
David Elliott Kidd/ An Interview with Richard Price
Gary Wilder/ L’Homme de 13 Janvier: The Animation of Tradition and the Postcolonial Social Contract
Lisa Rhoades/ An Interview with J.D. McClatchy
Rick Bass/ Without Safety: Writing Nonfiction
Seth Cohen/ An Interview with Jenny Holzer


Walter Thompson/ The Art of David Craven
David Craven/ Seven Pieces

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