Issue 14


Editor: Elizabeth Osborne
Managing Editors: Molly Penn & Kathleen Shannon
Poetry Editor: Cynthia Atkins
Fiction Editors: Ann Darby & Stephen Morrow
Benefit Chair: Stanford Friedman
Nonfiction Editor: Henry Wessells IV
Assistant Poetry Editor: Jeanne Beaumont
Production Managers: Kenneth Jennson & Elizabeth Thomas
Advertising Manager: Christine Markowski
Contest Manager: Nancy Woodruff

Editorial Board:
Karen Akins, Renee Bacher, Celia Bolam, Juan Caicedo, Elizabeth Cohen, Seth Cohen, James Conrad, Priscilla Corbin Vanessa Cox, Catherine Daly, Larry Dark, David Den-Holtz, Stephen Dubner, Paul Elie, Scott Ferguson, Christopher Fuhrman, Walker Gaffney, Paul Gediman, Anne Gerard, Donna, Glachetti, John Hicks, Michael Hochberg, Alisa Kwitney, Helene Lefkowitz, Sylvie Lize, Vicente Lozano, Julide Mardin, James McSherry, Deborah Meadows, Willa Morris, Gregory Nelles, Jennifer O’Grady, Hillary Platttner, Lisa Rhoades, Bill Roorbach, Nancy Sales, Josephine Schmidt, Peter Storck, Douglas Tirola, Andrzej Toczek, Camila Trinchieri, Geraldine Visco, Jennifer Wening, Amy Wilson



Carl Zimmer/ Mastodon
Kenneth J. Emberly/ After the Funeral
Louise A. Blum/ Hand
Sarah Wolf/ William Bacon Evans
Nan Cuba/ In My Brother’s Hands
Romnesh Lamba/ Mother
Stewart O’Nan/ The Third of July
Beth Passaro/ On the Dayliner
Leon Rooke/ Whereon Do You Lead Me, Bright Rider?


Sharon Kraus/ What the Door Gives Onto & After Visiting the Berkshires Nature Preserve and Finding the Gray’s Sedge in Bloom
Eamon Grenan/ Endangered Species
Ann Lauterbach/ Report & Thin
Buck Downs/ Drink Too Fast…
Henri Cole/ The Best Man
Cole Swensen/ The Civil Servant & The Evening News
Lia Purpura/ Anger
Charlie Smith/ Omnipotence
Michael Hofmann/ Sally
Lili Legardeur/ Let’s
William Matthews/ Otego to Roscoe to Manhattan
Gyula Illyes/ Evening Song & Ebb Tide
Mark Johnson/ Zeno Asleep
Celia Bland/ Conception
David Trinidad/ from Reruns
Slade Smith/ Dream #2
S. Paul Johnson/ Aquarium Street & Steps to Reach Home
Janet Gray/ from 100 Flowers: LXXXVI & LXXXVII
Gerrit Henry/ Pfitzner’s “Palestrina”
Steve Orlen/ Conversation with the Dead
Jimmy Santiago-Baca/ Drawing Light
Medbh McGucken/ Postlude


Round-Table Discussion/ Throwing Dirt on the Grave of Minimalism: Madison Smartt Bell, Mary Gaitskill, Tom Jenks, Stephen Koch & Meg Wolitzer
The Geography of Memory
Andrei Codrescu/ Exile, A Place
Paul Friedman/ Here
Bernadette Mayer/ Bring it Here
Anne Waldman/ Crawl
Steve Katz/ Getting to the Greatness of the Wall
Cynthia Atkins & Jeanne Beaumont/ Being with Reality: An Interiew with Galway Kinnell

Joh Yau/ Bill Traylor’s Life and Art
Bill Traylor/ Eight Drawings

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