Issue 13


Editors: Jill Birdsall, Peter B. Erdmann
Managing Editor: Laura Smyth
Poetry Editor: Lucy Logsdon
Fiction Editors: Vincent Passaro, Bill Roorbach
Nonfiction Editor: Larry Dark
Ad Manager: Ann Darby
Fall Benefit Chairperson: Elizabeth Osborne
Spring Benefit Chairperson: Lynn McGee

Staff: Jeanne Beaumont, Dan Bergner, Celia Bolam, Leslie Brenner, Elizabeth Cohen, Lang Davison, Nancy Draznin, Cynthia Fox, Stanford Friedman, Donna Giachetti, Cindy Goldfarb, Michael Jafee, Zia Jaffrey, Cynthia Kadohata, Jacqueline Keren, Peter Karoff, Myonghun Kim, Clive Matson, Willa Morris, Stephen Morrow, Michael Sledge, Andrzej Toczek, Lori Toppel, Sandra Tyler, Henry Wessels, Kim Wozencraft, Ruth Zilly


Philip Guston And The Privilege Of Writing Badly (pp. 1-4) By Musa Mayer
Winter Clothes (p. 5) By Louis Jenkins
The Truth According To Ludd (p. 6) By Marge Piercy
The Undertaker, Drunk (p. 7) By Mitchell Lescarbeau
Missing Persons (p. 8) By Thomas Lux
So You Put The Dog To Sleep (p. 9) By Thomas Lux
On That Day (p. 10) By Terese Svoboda And Theresa Svoboda
Spiders (pp. 11-13) By Terese Svoboda And Theresa Svoboda
Moving Towards Memory (4-22-86) By (p. 14) By Ron Schreiber
Preparing To Visit (4-30-86) By (p. 15) By Ron Schreiber
Pinks (pp. 16-23) By Lisa Shea
June 4, 1469 (pp. 24-38) By Maya Sonenberg
From “Crum” (pp. 39-48) By Lee Maynard
Allen Ginsberg Interview (pp. 49-61) By Lynn Mcgee And Allen Ginsberg
My Strange New Poetry (p. 62) By Mark Halliday
From “Jo Ann Yellow Bird Jazz Poem: Manifesto” (pp. 63-64) By Miriam Halliday-borkowski
Unused Words (pp. 65-66) By Charles Baxter
Soup Or What The Beetroot Saw (p. 67) By Nadine Wener
Whiskers (p. 68) By Nadine Wener

Three Quips
Titles From “True Detective” (p. 69) By Mike Topp
White Foods (p. 69) By Mike Topp
Incidents (p. 70) By Mike Topp

Photo Essay (p. 71) By Jennifer Fisher Edwards

On Superstition
Where Food Comes From (pp. 72-73) By Lorrie Moore
Squatter In The House Of The Lord (pp. 74-77) By Ellis Weiner
The Wiener Man (pp. 78-91) By Tom Perrotta
Planting (pp. 92-104) By Kathryn Harrison
Growing Her Hair (pp. 105-106) By Judith Skillman
September (p. 107) By Demetria Martinez
Anger (pp. 108-109) By Lia Purpura
Night Of The Iguana (pp. 110-111) By Kathleen Lignell And Kimberly Lyons
Lynn’s Dream (p. 112) By Kimberly Lyons
In Illo Tempore (p. 113) By Mary Karr

Two Tales
the Flying Prince (pp. 114-117) By Edward Hower
The Song Of Naina Bai (pp. 117-121) By Edward Hower

Mary Robison Interview (pp. 122-132) By Larry Dark And Mary Robison
Burial (pp. 133-136) By Abigail Thomas
Recitals (pp. 137-138) By Philip H. Schneider
The Shaker Child (pp. 139-140) By Siri Von Reis
God Said We Should Multiply With Anything That Is Good (pp. 141-142) By Siri Von Reis
Christmas (p. 143) By Amy Gerstler
Worry (pp. 144-145) By Michael Van Walleghen
Bowling Alley (pp. 146-147) By Michael Van Walleghen
Never Live Above Your Landlord (pp. 148-162) By Phillip Lopate
Cut-outs (pp. 163-168) By Howard Nemerov, Harold Brodkey, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Robert Creely, Louise Glück, Robert Bly, Dave Smith, Charles Simic And Gilbert Sorrentino

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